3 Reasons Why Routine is Unhealthy

3 Reasons Why Routine is Unhealthy

By Guest Blogger Heather Matthews

There is a smorgasbord of clichés for those who choose the path always taken. The safe ones are sick of hearing them over and over from friends who want to get them out of their shells.

But there is truth and beauty in those sage words.

Here are some reasons why routine might kill you sooner than jumping out of a flying plane.

#1. Routine Kills Creativity

Whether your job relies on it or not, you can’t live without a degree of creativity. Everything you do on a daily basis has some sort of creative input in it.

Baristas in coffee shops, even if the formula is already tried and tested, they inject a certain flair for how they execute your coffee.

Maybe it’s in the way they flick their wrists to put on that choco powder, or the foam art they put as a special finishing touch.

Bankers/Stockbrokers execute creativity in finding you the best way to invest your money.

Engineers or architects design and build houses using their visual intelligence.

So if you engage in a monotonous ritual, chances are, you won’t be able to expand your creative horizon.

You won’t see influences on your way to work or meet quirky new people on the streets or at parties if you choose the same route all the time.

The art of discovery can be practiced everywhere. Your neighborhood can both be your subject and your guide.

Expose yourself to different elements.

#2. Stifles Growth

If you aren’t compelled to explore new avenues of interest or at least follow through with whatever tickles your fancy even for just a moment, you will never be able to move out of your comfort zone in any aspect of your life.

For example, if you feel like you’ve already peaked in your chosen field, but you’re too afraid to venture into another career, you’ll end up choosing the path you’ve already walked.

You’ll go around in circles doing the same thing. Instead of starting from scratch and learning new things, you’ll stay stuck somewhere that stopped offering you something new for quite some time.

If this is the situation you find yourself in, you need to force yourself to branch out.

Don’t waste your time and your life being somewhere you’ve already been. Life is always opening up new opportunities.

Do yourself a solid and take chances!

#3. Gives a False Sense of Security

Everybody seems to be working for a stable future. One where money will not be a problem.

Although this is a responsible way of thinking, and it’s good to have a backup plan, it shouldn’t stop you from taking risks in the present.

Securing your future doesn’t necessarily mean anchoring yourself to something in your present.

Yes, a steady job that offers no growth can help you save up for the future, but if it’s slowly killing you now, there might not be a future to spend on.

Before you think about securing your future, secure your present first.

How do you do this?

By knowing you can never really be secure enough to start something new, something potentially risky.

If your fear of an unstable future is what’s keeping you from moving towards anything right now, then you’re creating a false send of security for yourself.

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