3 Things to Remember in Your Next Job

3 Things to Remember in Your Next Job

By Guest Blogger Heather Matthews

Lots of people are functioning like robots on a daily basis. They get up, go to work, go home, sleep, and repeat the process in the morning.

Everything seems cut and dry. There’s no excitement anymore, no challenges, nothing new to learn.

But why do they stick with it? Because it’s safe.

Everybody wants financial stability and the security that corporate jobs can provide. There are benefits that just seem to make everything worth it.

And let’s not kid ourselves, they are important. But equally important is that we remain feeling alive while we still are.

There are a lot of new jobs emerging that allow people the flexibility and the opportunity to pursue what they have always wanted.

Whether it’s following through on a childhood passion or discovering what it is you’re actually passionate about – there’s always something for everybody.

You just need to go out and pursue it.

Try to break out from the norm that’s been programmed for us to believe. The careers presented in our school aptitude tests are not all of our options.

Sometimes it’s better that we carve out new ones for ourselves that are yet to be discovered.

When you’re ready for your next job, here are a few things to remember:

Go for gold

Now you’ve gotten away from that job that’s been making you miserable, answer this honestly, what would make you happy doing?

Before you spew out a template answer, think really hard about the things and moments that make you happy. For example, when you’re alone, looking at magazines or articles online, what topics usually interest you? What hobbies do you have that make you feel like time goes by quickly?

Those are the things you should be considering getting a career in. If you’re fond of design books, maybe you should try your hand at working in a design firm and be inspired everyday. If you like painting, maybe you can make enough pieces to sell or to hang in a gallery.

Think out of the box. Don’t be afraid of what people will say about your new path.

There’s nothing wrong with being a doctor and now an artist, or an engineer becoming a dance instructor.

Don’t let your job ever define you. Let it be something that you enjoy and incidentally earn from.

Failure is inevitable

You’re bound to fail at some point. It could be as soon as you start on your new journey, or months down the road.

It doesn’t matter.

Failing at something just means you were brave enough to try. And it’s ok to fail many times because that means there’s more to learn.

These are exciting times! Don’t let pride get in the way of learning and moving forward with your new chosen path.

Once you’ve gotten the hang of it, you’ll be better.

Don’t let these failures push you to go back to jobs that are ‘safe’. Embrace the danger!

Have faith

A lot of people will tell you you’re doing the wrong thing, that you’re acting crazy by choosing to give up a steady paycheck to follow your passions. You need to have a strong belief in yourself that you’re doing what’s right for you.

Your faith has to be strong enough to ignore the people who doubt you and to constantly reassure yourself that you are where you were meant to be.

You have no control over what other people will think and say about you, but you do have control over yourself. Let your faith steer you towards the right direction. Nobody can do that except you.

Never underestimate the power you have over your mind.

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