5 Things Gratitude Can Do For You

5 Things Gratitude Can Do For You

By Guest Blogger Heather Mathews

You’d be amazed at how two little words can change so much.

Saying ‘thank you’ to someone, even to yourself, can give you so much more than if you rant about something that annoys you or when you criticize.

The benefits of expressing gratitude will not only affect you, but it will also ripple through time infinitely.

This isn’t one of those things you say that seems to lose its meaning the more you say them.

Practicing gratitude every day will definitely make you and those around you, better people.

Below are just some of the things that gratitude can do for you.

#1. Increases self-esteem

When you count your blessings in life, when you’re thankful for the things you have, the people who surround you, you’re more able to make yourself believe that life is indeed good.

When life is good, you begin to see yourself as worthy of that life. You’re less likely to get bogged down by your insecurities because you feel that you are good enough.

If a person is grateful for what he has, he becomes more confident that he has something worthwhile to offer the world in return.

#2. Improves relationships

We often hear people say that all they want is a little appreciation, a little acknowledgment from their partners.

That before they’re criticized for the things they failed to do, they wish their significant others take notice of the things they did well.

Expressing gratitude for the littlest things that your partner does will make them want to do more things for you. Of course, it shouldn’t be a manipulation tactic, but the effect of having your efforts acknowledged really makes a difference in one’s attitude towards making them.

Even in conflict resolution, saying “Thank you for letting me know that you felt this way…” is better than starting it with “Why didn’t you tell me you were feeling like this?” before proceeding to discuss the problem at hand. Opening with the positive will direct the conversation towards a more open discussion as opposed to coming out as an attack.

#3. Helps you sleep better

Personally, I think the way you sleep at night says a lot about you. It gives you an insight into what you’re feeling at that moment and what’s going on in your head.

If you find yourself battling your way to a good night’s sleep, you’re probably worried about something, and unless you find what it is and see it in a more positive light, you’ll lose more than just sleep in the long run.

Positive thoughts will help soothe your mind and make you feel relaxed. That will translate to how you will feel the next day. You’ll end up more productive and more confident.

#4. Makes you fun

Hanging out with a negative person, someone who always has something bad to say about the world tends to make the small annoyances of life seem like the big things.

On the other hand, if you’re with someone who’s just the right amount of positive, who reminds you to see a flat tire as a way to spend time with your companion, or to laugh at that stain on your white shirt, it puts a lot of things in perspective.

You become a beacon of light for someone else.

#5. Makes you a better boss, employee, teammate

At work, just as in your relationship, acknowledging someone’s efforts will give them confidence and boost their morale.

If you’re a boss, your people hang on to your every word. They believe in you. If you show them that you believe in them too and that you’re impressed at even the littlest tasks they perform well, they will strive harder to not disappoint you in the bigger things.

As an employee, when you thank your boss for mentoring you, for showing you the correct way of doing something when you make a mistake, you acknowledge their status and make them feel like a good leader. This will make them feel like they’re doing a good job handling you and will make them feel more open to your suggestions later on.

As a part of a team, when each of you commends each other’s efforts into making a project good, it strengthens the feeling of camaraderie and builds a stronger foundation for the company to stand on. Solid groups will yield better results in the workplace.

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