5 Tips to Save More Money

5 Tips to Save More Money

By Guest Blogger Heather Mathews

We all want to save more money, who doesn’t?

But it has always been a problem for the majority.

Of course, instead of having the money sleep inside a suitcase under your bed, you would rather have it in the bank.

But the bank’s interest rates are also low that you can not count on it to make you rich, even if you live twice as long.

So, how do you grow your savings?

Let me tell you a story to answer that question.

Meet Lyle

Lyle is a 23-year old ordinary woman. She had just finished her education and looking forward to her bright and long future.

Yes, her future is bright, especially if you will consider that she just got her first job.

It sounds exciting if you will think about it. But behind the scenes…

She accidentally got pregnant. And she has no savings.

And her family was heavily disappointed about her pregnancy. She grew up in a place where it is discouraged. She basically has no one to help her.

The father of the child is also missing.

It’s only her, and her baby.

She must work it out.

She must figure out a way to give birth, and raise, a healthy, lovely baby.

But what can she do? She is 23.

The world is starting to close in on her. Sometimes she just wishes she would just disappear. But she loves the baby so much.

Lucky for her…

One of her supervisors at work helped her to budget her money.

Even when she is earning average wage…

She worked it out. And this is how she did it:

  1. Save, before you spend.

“Do not save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after saving.” – Warren Buffett

When Lyle gets her paychecks…

…instead of using everything as her allowance, she saves a little bit and then spends the rest.

What mostly happens to us is we get our paycheck…

…we spend it on our food, bills, and other necessities, (or even unnecessary stuff) …

…and we are left with nothing to save.

That’s why Lyle did it in reverse. Before budgeting her allowance, she gets 10-20% from her paycheck and saves it in the bank

She is now left with 80-90% of her paycheck. This is now her allowance and she can spend it however she likes.

  1. Live Simply

“We buy things we don’t need with money we don’t have to impress people we don’t like.” ― Dave Ramsey, The Total Money Makeover: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness

Because Lyle was limited to 80-90% of her paycheck, she can not spend as much as she can if she will use 100% of it.

And because of that, she is kind of forced (in a good way) to live simply.

She is now avoiding buying unnecessary things on impulse. She is also weighing her needs vs. her wants more.

Instead of having her meals delivered to her…

Lyle is now learning how to do groceries and cook her own food…

And that is also good for her baby.

She also stopped paying for her Netflix Subscription…

And she unsubscribed to her mobile network’s postpaid plan and went prepaid instead.

To make the long story short, she lived simply. Cutting everything unnecessary for her happiness, health, and the health of her baby.

  1. Grow Your Income

Because she’s only living on 80-90% of her current income, and save 10-20% from it…

Sooner or later it won’t be enough to feed her and her baby.

She figured out that she needed more money. And it was a bad idea to stop saving after she delivers the baby just so she can spend more for the two of them…

That is why she worked out a way to earn more. And that’s what she did.

As her income grows, she is still keeping 10-20% from it to save and spends the rest.

If she didn’t grow her income, she will be forever limited by her current situation. That is not ideal since there will be two of them soon. And it was wise of her to find a way to grow her income…

Which increases the rate of her savings, and allowed her to increase her allowance too…

Which will be great for herself and for her baby.

  1. Focus on the Effort

As her savings grew month by month…

She started to love the feeling of seeing those numbers go up. It was satisfying for her. And it boosted her confidence and belief in herself that she can save money.

And that was important because now that she is handling it better than before…

…she is also letting go of her financial stress…

And a stress-free mommy would result in a healthier baby.

But it was not like that at first. Her income was average. And she was not used to living simply. Initially, she thought that she would not be able to live off 80-90% of her salary…

…but she got through that.

Instead of focusing on the results, she focused on her efforts. And of course, she is 101% motivated because she has this baby that is dependent on her.

By doing that, she felt accomplished even by the small numbers she saw at the beginning. And that pushed her through to continue saving.

After a while, her savings account speaks for itself. And she had grown to be a financially wise mom. She never stopped saving even after she delivered the baby.

  1. Remember Your Why

Lyle had the reason to push through hardships to save more money.

The thought of not having this baby delivered healthy is too painful for her heart.

That gave her the strength to go on.

What’s yours?

It might be too painful for you to see your bank account so thin, even after paying the bills alone.

It might be too painful for you to not be able to feed your family the food that they like because you’re out of budget.

Whatever your pain is, you can use that to be more motivated to save. And that will push you through the tough times. Just like Lyle did.

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