5 Ways to Ensure the Universe is Listening

5 Ways to Ensure the Universe is Listening

By Guest Blogger Heather Matthews

Sometimes we feel as if nobody hears us when we’re sending out our thoughts out there.

We send out our innermost desires and wish on stars and project them out to the void, hoping we would receive them by a deadline.

When we don’t get the response we’re hoping for, we get disheartened, discouraged. It’s at this point we begin to question ourselves, what we want, and what life has in store for us.

We feel as if the Universe isn’t responding to what we are communicating, we get frustrated that the Law of Attraction is not working for us.

Here are a few reminders to punctuate our intentions when we send them out to the Universe.

#1. Be Clear

Just as when you talk to your friends, colleagues, or subordinates, when you give instructions, you need to be clear what it is you want to happen.

If your message isn’t clear, your method of communicating won’t be effective, then the response to your request will most definitely be unsatisfactory.

#2. Release

Learn that when you send up your intentions, that it might take some time for it to materialize. Don’t wait around for it to show up right in front of you.

Tell the universe your desires and forget about them. There’s no use waiting for the universe to reply with a definite answer or to shine a light on the path you take to get to where you want to be.

Be pleasantly reminded when your innermost desire just suddenly surprises you out of the blue saying “It took some time, but I’m here!”

#3. Be Consistent

Like mentioned earlier, when you have a message, you want to deliver it the right way in order to also have it done correctly.

The manner by which you send it out will be a factor on how it comes back to you.

You have to also be aware of how you behave after you send out your message. For example, you tell the universe you’re ready for a serious relationship but you keep playing the field and telling your friends that you’re just doing this for the moment.

This will mess with the signals you’re sending the universe. Let your actions speak of your desires.

#4. Be Keen

Sometimes the universe send us signs or it directs us to the path where we will find what we want, but we’re too busy looking for the signals that we’ll recognize right away that we ignore the ones that are actually there.

Be aware of your surroundings, of opportunities, of changes around you. Sometimes when we feel that we haven’t been given what we want, it’s actually because we weren’t reading the signs right or the right signs.

#5. Be Grateful

Whatever situation it is you find yourself in, be thankful.

When you lessen your complaints to the universe, the more space it has to produce your wishes.

Always live the life that you want. What you channel will ultimately be the life you live.

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