6 Reasons To Become A Life Coach

6 Reasons To Become A Life Coach

By Guest Blogger Heather Mathews

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With Life Coaches these days earning $250k to $1MM+ per year, it’s not surprising that people want to become a life coach, but it’s certainly not for everyone.

Firstly, in case you aren’t sure what a Life Coach is, it’s a person who guides other people through a structured personal development path, designed to help them live their best life possible.

It focusses in particular on areas to do with health, wealth, relationships and mindset and even delves into other areas of personal growth as well.

Reason #1: Personal Growth

Many people become life coaches because they actually want to ‘see behind the curtain’ and learn these principles for themselves, not just to make money as a ‘coach’ but to actually grow from the experience as training to be a life coach.

Reason #2: You Love To Help Others

Some people have no intention of ‘selling their services’ even when they graduate.

They just want to become a life coach because they have friends and/or family members whom they want to be able to give BETTER advice to in the future.

They see themselves as an important mentor and role model in their lives and they enjoy going through the life coaching training process in order to become even better at this.

Reason #3: Make High Wages Doing Something You Love

There is a lot of money being made by Life Coaches these days, particularly ones who go through appropriate training programs (such as the Life Coaching Certified one run by Dr. Steve G Jones).

But money in of itself isn’t really a great reason to do something. You have to love doing it, and many people feel like it’s the right path for them because they actually LOVE helping other people to become better versions of themselves.

If you see yourself as a mentor or someone who would like to be an inspiration to other people, then becoming a Certified Life Coach might be a great path for you to consider going down.

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Reason #4: Time, Freedom and Flexibility

Being a Life Coach means that you have a lot of flexibility with your hours. It also means that you can work from home, over the phone, or Skype, or in-person if that’s what you prefer.

This flexibility is a great perk and some people even travel on vacation while doing Life Coaching part-time!

Reason #5: The Chance To Be Your Own Boss

You may have dreamed of running your own business, putting your own creativity and efforts into building something that you love.

Life Coaching can be perfect for that, and at the same time, you know that your efforts go into building YOUR business and not someone else’s.

Reason #6: Working In A Business That Is Aligned With Your Values

Coaches experience immense peace and satisfaction from their work because they live in balance with their values.

Your values may include making a larger contribution to the world, helping others to achieve their hopes and dreams, or living your true life purpose.

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