A Not-So-New Success Principle

A Not-So-New Success Principle

By Guest Blogger Heather Matthews

Today I want to talk about a success principle that’s not so new. But people take it for granted.  

If you want to know what keeps people poor, keep reading.  

If you want to know what makes people comfortable, keep reading.  

They’re the same thing.  

“It’s only after you’ve stepped outside your comfort zone that you begin to change, grow, and transform.”   

― Roy T. Bennett  

You see, we love comfort.  

We love what’s comfortable, and that’s what we grew up with.  

Our parents made sure that we’re comfortable. Friends made sure that we’re comfortable. We made sure that we’re comfortable. We’ll do anything to be comfortable.  

And we’ll do anything to be successful too, but…  

That doesn’t seem to add up.  

Comfort and success don’t go well hand-in-hand. Well, it might seem like it as we can see with successful people.  

They drive nice cars; they go on luxurious vacations. Their days don’t need them to set an alarm and wake up before 9 am or there’ll be some consequences at work.  

They have a nice home. They can do whatever they want, whenever they want it. And it doesn’t matter how much something is.  

Isn’t that great? Isn’t that the definition of comfort?  

It can be.  

But it didn’t always been that way.  

If you can trace their history, you’ll discover there had been a lot of uncomfortable roads they had to go through.  

There were a lot of tough decisions they had to make, there was a lot of risks they had to face.  

Now, that’s uncomfortable.  

You see, one of the biggest, and most important aspect of growth is discomfort.  

Why? There’s no growth inside your comfort zone.   

Read this and drill this down your mind.  

If you truly want success as much as you think you do, remember this:  

If you’re currently comfortable with where you are and with what you’re doing, you’re not growing.  

Got that?  

It simply means that if you’re not experiencing any discomfort right now, you’re basically stuck.  

So, does that mean you’ll go looking for discomfort all the time? No.  

You’ll know when to go for it, and when to rest.  

How? Listen to your intuition. That may be another article of itself but that’s the only sure way to know you’re guided.  

There might be decisions you had to face before, a choice you had to make where one choice is scarier than the rest.  

And you get that nagging feeling that this scary choice is the right choice.  

Two things can happen:  

First, you choose the way that requires less work, less mind power, less stress. The comfortable route. No growth, no pain, no gain.  

Second, you jumped and chose the way that required work, time, mind power, and stress. This is the growth route. You felt discomfort, but I’m sure you learned something along the way. And that’s important.  

Now, you want success. Imagine this with me, imagine you’re where you want to be. You’re successful and happy. You’re rich and confident. People respect you.   

Look in the mirror and look at yourself. Is that person the same person as you in the present?  

I don’t think so, because if it does, then why are you not successful right now?  

It’s because the person you are right now, and the successful person you want to be, is not the same person.  

The person you want to be is someone who has grown enough to tackle the challenges that he/she may face. It requires someone who’s bold enough to do life-changing decisions. And someone who takes calculated risks.  

In short, the person you want to be is a person who is comfortable with discomfort.  And you should be that person.  

How to Be Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable  


Trust Your Intuition  

As I’ve said before, there might be times when you had to make a choice, a scary one, or a comfortable one.  

You are a person who knows you should grow. That’s why you’re here. The only thing you need to do is to step up and actually do something.  

Pick the scary choice. Your ego wouldn’t like it, your ego likes to keep you safe. But your intuition and your true self will love it. Because choosing the uncomfortable route… 

With enough caution and risk management… 

Will make you grow as a person.  

And you will understand how it happens if you’re mindful.  

What else can you improve?  

This idea of leaving your comfort zone… 

It is not only applicable when you’re chasing financial success.  

It also applies to when you want to improve other areas of your life. Such as your health or your relationships.  

If you want to be healthy, you need to be uncomfortable. Because you’ll need to eat foods you don’t like or even never eaten before. Or stop eating foods you like. You need to do some physical exercises. That’s not exactly comfortable, is it?  

If you want to make your relationship better, you need to do uncomfortable things too. You need to talk to your partner, or your child, about the things you haven’t talked to before. Things you’re uncomfortable to talk about.  

See how being uncomfortable makes you a better person? 

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