Benefits of Professional Email for Business

Benefits of Professional Email for Business

By Guest Blogger Bryan Caplan

Would you believe that 72 percent of consumers prefer communicating with your business via email? No longer do customers want to pick up the phone when they can directly connect with you in a few keystrokes — they simply don’t have the time or patience. Instead, they want to open their email client and send off a quick message … but what email address are you providing them? Friend, it’s time to look at professional emails for a business.

Think about this: Are they emailing or, or are you providing them with a professional email? If you want to increase your level of credibility and enhance your perception, then you need professional email for business.

Benefits of professional email for business

Check out three main benefits of using a professional email address for business:

  1. Your business is serious enough that you have your own website and email.
  2. People are much more likely to remember your domain name and your email address.
  3. You’re not advertising for another company.

I’ll add one more from my own experience in building email marketing campaigns for clients:
You legitimize your email marketing campaigns.

Let’s look at these in a deeper level of detail.

1. Your business is serious

Today, literally anyone can be a business owner. From the 9-year-olds on ABC’s Shark Tank to 80-year-old grandmothers who have finally found their true calling, the barriers to entry of entrepreneurship have diminished.

Of course, you might need some capital to buy a premium custom domain name. But with so many new, industry-specific domain extensions on the market, you’ve got plenty of domain options to fit just about any budget.

But from there, free tools exist to build up your digital presence.

Taking the ease of starting a business into consideration (and thus saturation in the market of hobby businesses and wantrepreneurs), it’s important to establish credibility with your leads and prospects. If you use an email address like, you can quickly diminish that credibility. To have your prospective customers take you seriously, you’ll want to set up professional email for business.

2. People are more likely to remember your professional email address

If consumers are already visiting your domain name (i.e., it goes without saying they’d remember professional email for business that plays off that same domain. Instead of making them save, doesn’t it seem easier to use The more they send emails to your domain, the more the brand is engrained in their minds, meaning you’re building brand resonance.

3. You’re not advertising for another company

The name of the game with all of your marketing correspondence is to be top of mind when the consumer has a product or service need that can be fulfilled by your business. If you use a generic email with an or or domain, you are effectively advertising for those companies — sharing half of your brand with them and losing the battle of brand recall when the consumer needs your product or service. Reclaim that valuable advertising with your own professional email for business.

4. You legitimize your email marketing campaigns

If you are sending email marketing campaigns, the last place you want to land is the SPAM or Junk folder because your email contacts probably won’t see or read your email. To help prevent landing in SPAM, you can authenticate your email campaign with DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail). Authentication is critical to the delivery of your email marketing campaign.

It provides a trackable identifier that demonstrates your legitimacy to your subscriber’s internet service provider, so your campaign arrives where it belongs: in the inbox.

Create a professional email for business

If you need professional email for business, there are just a few simple steps to take:

1. Buy a custom domain name.

Whether you buy your domain name from GoDaddy or another domain marketplace, you will need to have one of your own in order to tie it to a professional email address.

2. Set up your email account

If you are using GoDaddy’s Professional Email, you can create an account for a small monthly fee. If you opt to use a tool like Google’s G Suite, you are provided with a fast and easy wizard to build out your new account.

3. Complete your business profile.

Make sure you complete your entire profile including business name, domain name, and add a profile picture (usually your logo) so recipients can identify you.

4. Set up your professional email signature.

Your email signature is a mainstay in your account, so it deserves a little TLC. Following some of these email signature, best practices will ensure you’re always putting your best digital foot forward.

Take a look at my simple yet effective email signature for some ideas:

Test before sending. Send test emails to yourself and a close friend or family member to see how they look on desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Update your business cards and marketing materials. Update your business cards right away because professional email for business adds prestige and credibility. When your existing marketing materials run low, be sure to change out for your updated email address.

Notice how I include my professional email address on my business card for those who would rather call than email:

Seven out of 10 of your leads, prospects, and customers prefer to reach you via email. It’s a no-brainer that you need professional email for business. Follow the tips above, and you’ll increase credibility, enhance your brand perception, and be proud to hand out your new and improved business cards to everyone you meet.

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