Are You Repelling Prospects Good!

A hundred years ago a shop might have tried to be many things to most people. In fact, big box stores still do that today, with good success. Walmart is everything and all things to those looking for the cheapest price. But even they repel customers – namely those people who value service and quality over price.

AreYou Repelling Prospects? Good!

These days it pays to specialize. Rather than trying to be most things to most people, you want to do one thing and do it really, really well. If you teach gardening techniques, rather than teaching everything to every gardener, pick a focus such as organic vegetable gardening. If you teach marketing, teach it to a very specific audiences, such as chiropractors or coffee shops or contractors.

Yes, you’ll be repelling the vast majority of customers, but you’ll also be attracting the exact prospects you can help the most. And in so doing, you can also charge accordingly.

After all, who commands the highest price – the person who teaches generic marketing techniques to anyone and everyone? Or the specialist who teaches plumbers to build their businesses to seven figures? Every time, it will be the specialist. If you don’t believe it, look at the health care industry, one of the biggest businesses of all. Who makes more – a general practitioner or a heart surgeon? Specializing pays, and it pays big.

One more benefit of specializing and perhaps the most important of all is this: You become the ONLY choice. When a dentist wants advice on building his practice and he’s faced with 10 choices – 9 of whom do marketing for any kind of business and 1 who works exclusively with dentists, there simply is no competition. Even if your prices are double or triple of your so-called competitors, because you are the specialist you will win the business nearly every time.

Bottom line: Know exactly who your target audience is, become their ONLY choice, and repel everyone else who is not a good fit. You’ll attract better customers who appreciate you more and are happy to pay for your specialized service and products

7 Old School Ways to Get Traffic that Work

These are all super quick and fairly easy. In fact, there’s not a tactic here that will take more than an hour, and some can be done in just a few minutes. Some can get you traffic pretty quickly and others take time. My suggestion: Do one a day every day until you’ve done all the ones that interest you. Some you will continue to do daily, such as using Twitter, but of course, you can also use automation to lighten the workload a bit…

Do product reviews. For driving traffic? You bet. Product reviews are easy to get ranked, especially if you do them in video. Here’s the trick: Don’t make it like every other product review out there. Instead, be real. Use your personality. Have fun with it. And ask the reader/viewer to subscribe to get more product reviews.

One more thing: TELL THE TRUTH about what you think of the product. I once landed on a product review that said, quite frankly, the product wasn’t worth the money. I didn’t buy that product, but I subscribed to the author’s list and have since purchased several hundred dollars of products from him because he earned my trust.

Create a keyword list. Then use it to write your articles and blog posts. It’s fine to write about whatever you want, but it’s even better to write about what people are actually searching for. By using a keyword list, you not only get new ideas, you are also better tuned in to the market and what might get your articles ranked on Google. Once you write a new article, promote it on social media.

Find questions on forums and answer them in articles. If someone is asking something on a forum, there’s a good chance others are asking the same question. Go ahead and write an article, post it, then post your article link on the forum “for more information” after your answer. is a high authority site, owned by Google (hint, hint). When you join, find the “about me” section and add your website URL along with your keywords in the anchor text which will contribute to better SEO for your primary website. Do the same with other popular sites online that allow you to create your own profile and backlink to your website.

Register with forums in your niche. Fill out the details on your profile, including your name and website. If the forum allows it, add your website or blog to your signature. Make several useful posts in each forum. What you’re shooting for here is quality backlinks, but if you find you enjoy posting to forums, keep at it. Your posts can drive traffic back to your site for years to come.

Join Twitter. Use Twitter. Seriously. Make several tweets, find people to follow in your niche, and each time you write an article, tweet about it. It’s amazing to me how many marketers still aren’t fully utilizing Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Set up an account at This is another high authority site which can help with your rankings. Plus the content you post here can also rank high for your keywords. Remember to update your account with new content from time to time. And be sure to include a bio of what you do along with your URL.

All of these are pretty simple and can help to drive traffic to your website. So next time you’ve got a few extra minutes, pick one and get busy. It will be time well invested.

People Over 40 Shouldn’t Work More Than 3 Days a Week!

By Stacey Leasca

Let’s be honest: nobody is really a fan of the five-day workweek. But if you want a reason to work less, science has your back. If you’re over the age of 40, at least.

According to a report published in the Melbourne Institute Worker Paper, those over the age of 40 are at their most productive when they work three days a week or less.

The researchers came to this conclusion after following 3,000 male and 3,500 female volunteers, Newser explained. During the study, researchers asked the participants to complete cognitive tests and analyzed their work habits, memory, executive reasoning, and abstract reasoning.

The cognitive tests included asking the volunteers to read text backwards, read words aloud, and match numbers and letters under time pressure. As HuffPost explained, the participants’ cognitive performance improved as the researchers increased their working hours up to 25 hours. However, after 25 hours the researchers found that performance began to decline in both the male and female volunteers.

Perhaps most surprisingly, HuffPost noted, volunteers who were tasked with working 55 hours a week showed cognitive results that were worse than those who were retired or unemployed.

“Many countries are going to raise their retirement ages by delaying the age at which people are eligible to start receiving pension benefits. This means that more people continue to work in the later stages of their life,” study co-author and Keio University professor Colin McKenzie told The Times. “The degree of intellectual stimulation may depend on working hours. Work can be a double-edged sword, in that it can stimulate brain activity, but at the same time long working hours can cause fatigue and stress, which potentially damage cognitive functions.”

McKenzie noted their research points out that “differences in working hours are important for maintaining cognitive functioning in middle-aged and elderly adults” and that working part-time can “be effective in maintaining cognitive ability.”

So, for your health, please stop working so hard.

5 Simple Tips to Get Your Content Shared

Well over 5.5 million gigabites of content is currently being shared daily through social media and email. Want to grab a piece of that viral pie? Here are 5 tips to help get your content moving into new hands and seen by many new people every day.

5Simple Tips to Get Your Content Shared

Use Great Headlines. This one’s a no brainer, yet it’s the biggest mistake marketers tend to make. Your headline should be short enough to be readable, long enough to be interesting, interesting enough to instantly grab attention, and the more curiosity it provokes, the better.

Use a Story. “Buy this great product” is never going to get shared as often as, “The Customer Service Nightmare on Elm Street” or “Redhead Finds Bliss in a Bottle.”

Use Visuals. Relevant, interesting visuals grab attention, heighten interest, tell a story, make content stand out in social media… do I need to go on?

Use Humor. Nothing gets shared as much as something that makes people chuckle – or better yet – laugh out loud. Find ways to insert humor into your content, both in the words and the visuals, and your shares will immediately go up.

Make It Easy to Share. Add buttons for each of the main social networks. The idea here is to keep the sharing process as easy and simple as possible. Even one extra click can result in no shares.

Powerful Herpes Treatment…

Discover the world’s most potent (and permanent) cure for herpes, along with other effective home remedies and natural treatments for both HSV1 and HSV2 in this essential “must-read” article…

Article by Troy Sawyer (Certified Holistic Nutritionist & Herbalist, Health & Wellness Coach)

Updated August 1, 2019 — This post contains affiliate links  

Closeup of a common cold sore virus herpes simplex.


Finding out you have herpes can be an incredibly shattering experience. And I think the reason for this is everyone is under the false assumption that the herpes simplex virus is not curable.

Well, we totally disagree with this!

You absolutely can get rid of the herpes I and II viruses (oral and genital) as well as shingles (herpes zoster) permanently if you get your hands on the world’s most powerful natural herpes cure and follow the proven remedies we’re about to discuss here for a period of 12 months. And what’s really good about these treatments is they are all practical and can easily be fitted into your daily lifestyle…

What is the Herpes Simplex Virus and How do You Kill it?

Before we give you our potent recommendations on how to kill the herpes virus (and give you the scientific proof to back up our claim), here’s a quick low down on exactly what the herpes simplex virus is and how you get it – just in case you didn’t already know…

Type I herpes (HSV-1) is the non-sexually transmitted form which is essentially known as “cold sores” and causes sores on the mouth, face and lips.

Type II or genital herpes (HSV-2) is a sexually transmitted disease (STD). It’s basically a parasitic virus, and like all viruses it can spread and be passed on from one person to another. This one mainly causes sores on the genitals, along with vaginal discharge in women.

And then there’s shingles, which is caused by the same virus as chickenpox. Shingles cause a rash or painful blistering on the body. In fact, the main side effect of the herpes simplex virus in general is inflammation and incredible itching. And unfortunately for women, they are more likely to become infected than men, hence why women make up the greater percentage of people infected (1 out of 5 women become infected compared to 1 out of 9 men. Sorry ladies!)

What many people are also not aware of is the herpes virus doesn’t even need to be in an “active” state for a partner to become infected. Type I herpes can also spread from a cold sore down to the genitals if one doesn’t maintain good hygiene practices such as regular hand washing. 

Okay, Let’s Kill This Sucker! – Natural Herpes Treatment Option #1:

Alright, it’s time to get rid of this nasty little bugger once and for all. So here’s the strongest natural herpes cure you’ll come across, along with the all-important scientific validation on why it works so amazingly well.  

Pharmaceutical company confirms…

“Olive Leaf Extract Killed Every Virus, Bacteria and Protozoa They Tested it Against!”

Back in 1969, Dr Harold Renis was working for the Upjohn Company (now owned by Pfizer) and was doing a lot of research into the therapeutic benefits of olive leaf extract (OLE). Once this pharmaceutical company realized the astonishing health benefits of olive leaf extract, they tried to obtain a patent on it and claim it as a drug. Of course they were unsuccessful (how can you get a patent on a natural substance). So once this happened they stopped all research into OLE and quickly poo-pooed it. Unfortunately for them, they’d already let the cat out of the bag and supplement companies began to jump on the olive leaf extract band wagon and started producing it in supplemental form.

The main substance in OLE is Oleuropein and this is what destroys the virus. It basically puts a force field around the virus and infected cells so they cannot continue to grow and replicate.

Here’s the 3 main benefits of using olive leaf extract for herpes as quoted by the Olivus website…

• Has the ability to interfere with critical amino acid production essential for viruses. Shown to kill oral and genital herpes virus and herpes zoster virus (shingles/chicken pox).

• Has the ability to contain viral infection and/or spread by inactivating viruses or by preventing virus shedding, budding, or assembly at the cell membrane.

• Ability to directly penetrate infected cells and stop the symptoms of herpes by shutting down viral replication in male & female herpes and mild herpes simplex, zoster, type 1 and type 2. (Olivus)

The French Also Discovered the Remarkable Benefits of Olive Leaf Extract as a Treatment for Herpes…

In 1992, French biologists “found that all of the herpes viruses were inhibited, killed, or cured by extracts from olive leaf”. Their findings were also backed up by the citing of 28 references on the anti-viral qualities of Oleuropein in their report. So this was not some willy-nilly study. It was very precise and very detailed (and they actually used both the “killed” and “cure” words in this report).10

Along with shutting down and killing viruses, including the herpes simplex virus, the other powerful benefit of olive leaf extract is it boosts the immune system tremendously. In fact, you would be hard pressed to find anything out there that works better. This is another reason why OLE will protect you from virtually every ailment that exists, including the common cold and flu virus. Even Aids sufferers are finding incredible relief from the use of olive leaf extract. It really is the “cure-all compound of the 21st century!”

Some Real Life Evidence of Olive Leaf Extracts Potency as a Permanent Cure for Herpes…

Olive leaf advocate, Dr. James Privitera, has given OLE to many of his patients infected with the herpes simplex virus and seen some remarkable results. One of his male patients experienced frequent lesions, along with constant fatigue for many years after becoming infected. But within a week of taking OLE his lesions disappeared and his energy levels increased dramatically. He even wrote to Dr. Privitera to say that olive leaf was the only medicine that eliminated his herpes. He stated… “Even the most minute blisters are totally gone!”.2

And in a 1993 private herpes study of six participants, allreported symptomatic relief and three of the subjects said their lesions were completely gone within 48 hours from treatment with olive leaf extract. The icing on the cake was all six participants said this option produced far better results than medications they have previously used such as Acyclovir, Zorvirax, and Valtrex.3

How Much Olive Leaf Extract do You Need to Take and for How Long?

Olive leaf extract treats and cures herpes fast

As a herpes treatment, you need to know just how much OLE to take for it to be effective and for how long. First off, the dosage for olive leaf extract will depend on the potency of the product you buy. OLE comes in a variety of potencies, from “regular” to “super strength”. We advise you stay well clear of the regular potencies as they are often too weak and will not destroy the herpes simplex virus. Instead, go for the super strength varieties that have a pure Oleuropein extract content of 25% or more (250 mg’s of pure oleuropein). If they contain added dry olive leaf powder for extra strength then even better. For this reason, we recommend Olivus OLE to all of our clients. It’s by far the strongest and most absorbable olive leaf extract you’ll find anywhere in the world – and it works incredibly well on the herpes simplex virus! You canview their website here for more information. 

Note: Because the super strength Olivus OLE (OliveLeafMax) capsules work so well, demand is extremely high for this product, and unfortunately, they regularly sell out. If you find this is the case then you can go on their waiting list. You will need to be patient, but it’s well worth it!

Update: Due to Olivus regularly running out of their high strength olive leaf extract, we have been forced to look for an alternative product that is as good (if not better) as what they are supplying. This brand is definitely it… Real European OLE Super Strength 25% Oleuropean. This olive leaf extract is extremely high quality and very high potency. You cannot go wrong taking either the Olivus or Real European OLE.

How to Consume Olive Leaf Extract…

Now, when it comes to how much OLE to take you need to keep in mind that olive leaf extract is not harmful, even at high dosages. It’s considered safe to use so don’t be afraid of “overdosing”. In this case you actually need to be more concerned with “underdosing!”

So we suggest you take at least the highest recommended daily amount suggested on the bottle (on an empty stomach) for the first 6-9 months, then as your symptoms disappear, drop back to the suggested maintenance dose after that. You will definitely need to hit the virus hard to destroy it and this approach is the most effective way to accomplish this. For the Olivus OliveLeafMax capsules, the recommended dose foreliminating viruses is 4-6 capsules per day taken in divided amounts. For the Real European brand it’s 3-4 capsules daily.

Watch Out for Herxheimers Reaction…

It should be noted here that for some people, olive leaf extract can make them feel queasy and even cause mild diarrhea. Because OLE is such a powerful detoxifier, if you have a high viral load or a lot of pathogens in your body, you can experience something called herxheimers reaction. This is simply a “die-off” reaction that occurs and is basically the body’s immune response to the release of toxins caused by the eradication of these harmful pathogens. 

Herxheimers reaction resembles “flu-like” symptoms and usually lasts for around 5-7 days. But this short lived side effect is actually a sign that the treatment is working (which is a good thing of course) so don’t be discouraged by it. Instead, drink plenty of water to help flush the toxins out of the body because once this “detox” is over, we guarantee you’ll start to feel better than you’ve felt in a long time!

So if herxheimers reaction does happen to you and it does hit you hard, we suggest you drop back to the lowest dose recommended on the bottle and then slowly build the dosage back up over a 2-3 week period to the highest recommended daily amount. You then stay on the highest amount for a further 6-9 months to ensure a thorough cleanse. Once this period is over, you will then continue on the maintenance dose (suggested maintenance dose on the bottle) indefinitely.

And what exactly do we mean by “indefinitely”?

Yes, we mean for the rest of your life!

Even though OLE will kill the herpes virus, we still suggest you continue to take it everyday for what we like to call “health insurance”. This is not actually a “prescription” we’re talking about here anyway, this is a treatment that’s designed to not only cure your herpes for good, but also boost your overall health and wellness and help you live a longer life.

So remember this… The powerful benefits of olive leaf extract go way beyond just treating and curing the herpes virus. Please take the time to read this important article on the benefits of OLE and it’s amazing curative powers… Olive Leaf Extract – The Remedy of Choice for Thousands of Years.

Final Note: Olive leaf extract is also an excellent topical treatment for herpes blisters. You can buy it in tincture form or powdered form (mix with a slight amount of oregano oil) and use this to rub directly on any sores or blisters for some extra fast healing and relief!

Other Permanent Treatment Options For Herpes…

There are other natural remedies for herpes that work exceptionally well. We suggest you use these in conjunction with your olive leaf extract to totally destroy this unwelcome parasite for good…

Natural Herpes Cure #2… Colloidal Silver:  

Colloidal silver works in a similar way to olive leaf extract. The positively charged ions in colloidal silver bind to the protein structure surrounding the virus so it can’t replicate. In addition, if the particles contained in the colloidal silver are small enough (less than 6 nanometers), they will penetrate the virus and attach themselves to the genetic material contained within it. This also stops the herpes virus from being able to replicate even further and basically “starves” it. So by doing this, the viral infection is quickly contained and quarantined.

The truth is, by combining colloidal silver with olive leaf extract, oregano oil and BHT (see next two cures), you actually have the most powerful herpes destroyer combo that exists on this planet! In fact, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more potent and astonishingly effective treatment for eradicating the herpes virus anywhere. We guarantee it!

According to Homeopath and colloidal silver expert, Dr Robert Scott Bell, to get your daily dose of colloidal silver, you must take a supplement that contains silver in a form of at least 10 parts per million (particles at 6 nanometers or less). We know of only one colloidal silver brand on the market that not only fits this criteria, but actually goes way further to deliver the most potent colloidal silver supplement you’ll ever come across (particles at 0.8 nanometers). It’s called Sovereign Silver. You can check it out here… Sovereign Silver – Purest Colloidal Silver.

One reviewer on the Earth Clinic website had this to say about Sovereign Silver for eradicating herpes…

“I found out that colloidal silver kills all viruses, bacteria and fungus – I had herpes and took a teaspoon of colloidal silver (sovereign silver) 5 times a day for 3 months and it is gone. I found out that the brand of silver is very important. I have been re-checked and I am negative for herpes. I was amazed to find that this disease can be cured.” 

For dosages, take one teaspoon (5 ml’s) of colloidal silver (hold under tongue for 30 seconds then swallow) 5 times a day for 3 months. After this, take one teaspoon twice daily for a further 9 months. Also remember to never use a metal teaspoon when measuring out your dosage as the metals in the spoon react negatively with the silver particles. Use a BPA free plastic spoon or measuring cup instead.

In addition to taking the colloidal silver orally, you can also apply colloidal silver topically on any lesions for quicker healing and relief. 

Natural Herpes Treatment Option #3… Oregano Oil: 

Oregano oil home treatment and cure for herpes

Oregano oil is a strong antiviral and antibacterial substance that has been proven to kill the herpes virus in test tube studies. This oil (the 100% pure oil) contains two powerful compounds, carvacrol and thymol, and these are the essential ingredients that destroy the virus. Carvacrol is especially important and the higher the levels of this compound the better. Like we said, when combined with olive leaf extract, colloidal silver and BHT, oregano oil is unbeatable. But, and this is crucial, you must make sure you purchase the right type of oregano oil and use it correctly (drops under the tongue, added to water and applied to the base of the spine). This is extremely important as you will not benefit from it unless you do! The oregano oil MUST be the “super strength” 100% pure Mediterranean oil. Nothing else will work. This is the brand we recommend… Zane Hellas Super Strength Pure Mediterranean Oregano Oil. This oregano oil is very reasonably priced and actually contains some of the highest levels of carvacol and thymol we’ve come across so far (up to 92% carvacrol!).  

To use the oregano oil correctly and get the most out of it, here’s what you need to do (be sure to follow this plan exactly)…

Firstly, mix up a small batch of oregano oil and virgin coconut oil to apply externally to the base of the spine. You can also add a small amount of DMSO to this mix as well. As far as an exact ratio? Only you can work this out. If you use too much coconut oil it won’t be strong enough, however, if you don’t use enough the oregano oil may burn. The mix should be strong enough so you feel a tingling sensation but not a burning sensation. 3-4 drops of oregano oil added to a teaspoon of coconut oil is a rough ballpark figure. Once you have your mix, apply this to the bottom portion of the spine, from the tailbone to the top of the buttocks area (roughly 2-3 inch area). Rub on gently and leave on for as long as possible.

Secondly, add 4-5 drops of oregano oil to a minimum 8 oz glass of clean filtered water and drink down. The more water the less it will burn and the better it will taste. Do this twice daily on an empty stomach.

Thirdly, mix in 2-3 drops of oregano oil in roughly one teaspoon of virgin coconut oil. Take this and hold under the tongue for 10-15 minutes. Make sure you dilute the oregano oil enough with coconut oil or it may burn the bottom of your mouth. Once again, you should only feel a slight tingling, not a burning sensation. Be sure to do this at least once a day.

Finally, take one day off per week from the oregano oil to give your body a chance to recuperate. The oregano oil is a powerful detoxifier so taking a break once a week will allow the body to rest and recharge.  

In addition, take the time to have a read through this handy article and follow the recommended advice so you get the most out of this powerful herpes treatment… 

And be sure to watch some of these informative video’s too for more crucial tips and short cuts… Destroy Diseases – YouTube.

Natural Herpes Cure #4… BHT (Butylated Hydroxytoluene):

BHT herpes cure/natural treatment

Back in the mid 1980’s, a scientific paper was published in the prestigious Science journal showing that a common food preservative, BHT (Butylated hydroxytoluene), could prevent lipid coated viruses from infecting their targeted cells. Since around half of all serious (viral) diseases are associated with or caused by lipid-coated viruses, this was a powerful finding. When a virus cannot invade and infect a cell, it cannot grow and replicate and will eventually die. The herpes family of viruses (along with hepatitis B & C, influenza, HIV, AIDS, and even the Ebola virus) are lipid coated viruses and all respond very well to BHT therapy.11

BHT is also terrific for reducing and completely stopping all herpes outbreaks.13 When you start detoxing the body and using powerful substances such as the olive leaf extract, colloidal silver and oregano oil, it’s very common for outbreaks to occur – especially in the beginning. The virus has been lying dormant and has now been woken up. It’s not happy! So when it leaves the infected area it can, and usually does, go on a rampage at your expense. The body also begins to fight back, which further exacerbates the problem. But BHT quickly destroys the viral outbreak and produces rapid healing.11

In an article by researcher Ed Sharp he stated…

“Inspired by early scientific reports on the antiviral activity of BHT, a number of people suffering from herpes began to experiment on themselves. As described in several books published a few years later, the BHT experimenters discovered that a daily dose of 250 to 1000 mg resulted in rapid recovery from herpes eruptions with no recurrences.”

Many people have used BHT to treat their herpes and then tested negative for the virus. Here’s one interesting account…

“Roger first began taking BHT in 1984 after reading about it in Pearson and Shaw’s ground-breaking book ‘Life Extension: A Practical Scientific Approach.’ Initially he took about 1 gram per day because he was buying BHT in bulk at the time and larger amounts were easier to measure out than smaller ones. Later he was able to obtain BHT in capsules containing 250 mg per cap, and from that point on he took 250 mg every day for 6 to 7 years. Not surprisingly, during this period he remained completely free of herpes eruptions. More surprising is that he still remains herpes-free to this day, 19 years after his last dose of BHT. Around 6 years ago Roger had a comprehensive physical exam, including blood work. His physician told him that no antibodies to the herpes simplex virus could be found in his system.” (BHT and the Silent Epidemic… Herpes)

How to Get the Most Out of BHT…

So BHT supplementation is definitely another crucial link in your “herpes cure” arsenal. And the good thing about BHT is it’s not expensive and is easily obtainable. There are a few precautions though and a specific way to begin taking BHT so your body can adjust to it. Firstly, you MUST combine BHT with the herb, St. John’s Wort. St. John’s Wort contains a substance called hypericin, and the theory (yes, it’s only a theory at this stage) is that hypericin has the ability to travel down the ganglia nerve, so when it’s combined with BHT it acts as a carrier to get the BHT into the area where the herpes virus likes to hide (hypericin is also a strong antidepressant too). In addition to this, because BHT is fat soluble, it should be taken with a small amount of organic virgin coconut oil (1/4 to 1/2 tablespoon) for maximum absorption, along with a daily dose of around 10,000 mg’s of vitamin C (see next cure).

You can purchase BHT in either capsule or granule form. We recommend the capsules…. High Strength BHT Capsules. They’re much easier to take and you know the exact amount you’re taking each time. So begin with 250 mg’s a day and stick with this amount for 3-4 days, then increase to 500 mg’s per day. Once again, stay with this amount for 3-4 days before increasing to 750 mg’s. After another 3-4 days increase to the maximum recommended long term dosage of 1000 mg’s per day. Stay on this for 6 months before dropping back to 500 mg’s a day for another 6 months. You can then take 250 mg’s of BHT every day after this period for as long as you wish. In addition to this, BHT expert, Dr Ward Dean, M.D., recommends you up the dose of BHT to 2000 mg’s a day (taken in divided amounts) when experiencing a breakout to shorten the duration, so you may want to consider this recommendation if you experience a BO. 18 

The St. John’s Wort must contain at least 0.3% standardized hypericin extract for it to be effective…  St John’s Wort 0.3% Hypericin Capsules. This supplement should be taken at a daily dose of between 900 and 1500 mg’s (total for the day) in divided amounts. And of course, make sure you always take the St. John’s Wort together with the BHT and coconut oil for maximum assimilation and benefit. Keep in mind that St. John’s Wort is not recommended for pregnant or nursing mothers. 

Note: Do not consume alcohol whilst taking BHT as BHT heightens the effects of alcohol. BHT can also thin the blood initially (if you haven’t taken it before), which is why you should follow the directions and slowly build up the dose. This blood thinning is not detrimental to your health though and usually only occurs for the first 2-3 days while your body is acclimatising to it. Of course, if you’re taking anticoagulant drugs, have liver problems, or blood clotting disorders such as hemophilia, you should check with your health care professional before taking BHT, just to be on the safe side. Before deciding to use BHT, we first recommend that you read the precautions, safety and side effects listed in this article…BHT – Advanced Health & Life Extension

Natural Herpes Treatment Option #5… Lysine, Vitamin C and Zinc:

Lysine proven to treat and prevent herpes breakouts

The herpes simplex virus absolutely hates the amino acid L-Lysine. Vitamin C and zinc have also been shown to help keep the herpes virus away, along with giving the immune system a significant boost. Taking these three in supplemental form is crucial as you will need high dosages. 1000 milligrams of a high quality lysine supplement three times a day is needed to get the virus under control, along with around 5000 milligrams of two-staged time release vitamin C and 5000 milligrams of ascorbic acid per day (yes, that’s a total of 10,000 mg’s of vitamin C each day!) Colloidal zinc or chelated zinc (50 mg’s a day) is also recommended for optimal results. Once the virus is under control, drop down to a maintenance dose of between 500-1000 mg’s per day of the lysine for 3 months before dropping it completely. Continue to eat lysine rich foods such as organic free range eggs and organic fruits and vegetables though, along with taking a wheat grass or chlorella supplement every day to raise your pH level (which also helps to kill the virus) and to remove the heavy metals from your body (which the virus likes to attach itself to). The zinc and vitamin C should be taken at the maximum dosages listed above for the full 12 months. 

Natural Herpes Cure #6… Elderberry:

Elderberry is yet another incredible remedy and treatment for herpes. This herb contains some very strong antioxidant flavonoids that are known to boost the immune system quite rapidly. It also possesses some excellent anti-viral qualities and has been shown in studies to actually stop the replication of four strains of the herpes simplex virus, including two strains that are resistant to the most common herpes pharmaceutical medication acyclovir (Zovirax).8 In addition, elderberry is one of the best natural remedies for colds and flu you’ll ever come come across. You can easily buy elderberry online or from any good health food retailer. 

Natural Herpes Treatment Option #7… Herbs and Reishi Mushrooms:

Certain herbs and spices are terrific (and easy) home remedies for herpes. Tribulus Terrestris, Astragalus, Cat’s claw, galangal, lapacho and Cissus Quadrangularis are all anti-viral in nature and will help tremendously. Reishi mushrooms, ginger, turmeric, black pepper, cinnamon, cilantro (coriander), and the most powerful of them all, garlic, are also anti-viral and really give the immune system a strong boost. Cayenne pepper, licorice and thyme are three herbs that have actually been found to fight the herpes virus so be sure to use them in your cooking as much as possible (along with lots of garlic and cilantro).

Remember, to successfully kill the herpes simplex virus you must detox your body, raise your pH level, and boost your immune system to the absolute maximum! This is crucial. All of these herbs and spices and mushrooms help to do this so it’s vital you use them and consume them in high amounts every day. You can read more on some of the best natural ways to boost your immunity here… Take Your Health to a Whole New Level With These 13 Powerful Tips!

Natural Herpes Cure #8… Natural Honey:

Honey propolis for treating herpes virus

Natural honey is an extremely powerful treatment for both HSV1 and HSV2. It’s such a strong anti-viral and infection fighting food that it’s still considered the number one remedy of choice by most natural therapists and alternative healers.

And a recent study has finally been able to validate the benefits of natural honey for treating herpes…

In the first part of the study, researchers treated 8 patients with genital herpes and 8 patients with oral herpes using Acyclovir as soon as a breakout occurred. In the second part of the study, they treated all 16 patients with honey instead of Acyclovir as soon as there was a second breakout and found that the healing time was 43% better for labial sores and 59% better for genital sores. Overall they found the length and extent of each attack, along with the duration of pain and healing time were much shorter with the honey than with Acyclovir.

And with no side effects!

Another study randomized 90 people with genital herpes and had them use one of three treatments during an outbreak… a propolis ointment (another bee/honey product), topical Zovirax, or a placebo ointment. They found the individuals in the propolis group experienced a much faster healing time for their lesions and were more likely to have fully healed sores by day 10 of the treatment compared to the people using Zovirax or the placebo.6

How to Get the Most Out of the Honey Remedy…

So there are two ways to effectively use honey. Firstly as an external remedy… When an outbreak occurs simply smear the honey (with a little coconut oil) on the affected area after urination and leave on for as long as possible. The second way is much easier… You simply eat it!

Honey is not only anti-viral, it also contains nitric oxide metabolites. New research has indicated that increasing nitric oxide levels in bodily fluids may help retard and even prevent viral replication. This is of course welcome news for herpes sufferers. For best results, 1-2 tablespoons of honey should be eaten each day. 

Manuka Honey is Best… 

Manuka honey is by far the most superior of all honeys. The pollen comes from the flowers of the potent medicinal plant known as the Manuka bush, found in Australia and New Zealand. Manuka honey has been proven to kill more than 250 bacterial strains and successfully treat the herpes simplex virus. This really is the only honey you should use. It’s much stronger than natural honey, but with that said, if you only have access to natural honey or local honey then go ahead and use these. Natural honey is still a better option than using nothing at all. Whatever you do though, don’t use processed honey (commercial honey sold in supermarkets) as this will actually make your symptoms much worse.  7

Natural Treatment for Herpes #9… Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV):

Apple cider vinegar is another terrific natural remedy and treatment for HSV1 and HSV2. It also contains some very potent anti-viral and infection-destroying properties and is actually one of the best detoxifiers and heavy metal removers in existence! As an added benefit, ACV helps to raise your bodies pH level and boost your immune system. Used topically, it also helps to relieve lesion pain and discomfort quite considerably.

To get the most out of the ACV remedy, mix a tablespoon oforganic apple cider vinegar containing the “mother” apple and a teaspoon of Manuka honey in a glass of warm filtered water and drink down. Do this 3 times a day on an empty stomach (first thing in the morning when you awake is especially important). If you find you can’t handle the taste of the liquid ACV, go with the capsules instead.

For external relief and to heal lesions faster, mix up a batch comprised of one cup ACV to one gallon of water. Soak with a wash cloth then use as a cold compress. Leave on the affected area for around 20 minutes. Repeat this process 2-3 times daily until all lesions are healed. 

Natural Herpes Cure #10… Topical Home Remedies That Give Excellent (and Fast) Relief:

Best topical home remedies for herpes breakouts

Hydrogen peroxide (HP): This should definitely be your first “go to” remedy when you have an outbreak. Hydrogen peroxide is also a very powerful internal parasitic cleanser and “oxygenator” (pH/alkaline booster). Because herpes is a parasite, and you also need to alkalize the body to destroy the virus, hydrogen peroxide is definitely a worthy (and cheap) addition to your daily treatment protocol. If you have a breakout, simply dilute some 12% grade hydrogen peroxide with clean filtered water (3 parts HP to 11 parts water for 3% solution) and apply directly to any lesions with a cotton ball. Do this 2-3 times a day and watch those sores disappear quicker than you’ve ever seen before. If you have a cold sore (HSV1), gently prick the sore with a sterilized needle then apply the HP with a cotton ball. Hold for at least 10 minutes. Be aware that the hydrogen peroxide may also bubble a bit in the beginning – this is normal. Make sure you use the 12% grade and dilute as directed above so it doesn’t burn.  

For internal use, follow the exact HP cycle/protocol outlined on page 74 of this terrific book… The One-Minute Cure: The Secret to Healing Virtually All Diseases. Once you get down to the maintenance dose, however, rather than continue on this, drop the hydrogen peroxide completely then repeat the HP cycle/protocol again in another 3 months time. After resting for 3 months, repeat the cycle once more before your 12 months is up. This seems to be the most effective method for using the hydrogen peroxide internally to destroy the virus. 

In addition to this, take a capful of 12% food grade hydrogen peroxide and mix with filtered or distilled water at a ratio of 3 parts HP to 11 parts water (becomes 3% solution) and gargle this every day after cleaning your teeth – do not swallow the mixture though, spit out afterwards. Bacteria and parasites live and breed in the mouth. Doing the HP gargle every day kills these unwanted pests, and in turn, enhances the assimilation and effectiveness of the food and supplements you’ll be consuming quite significantly. Hydrogen peroxide also removes toxins and heavy metals from the body at a rapid rate via the above methods. Make sure you ONLY use food grade hydrogen peroxide (such as these ones) for internal use and be sure to dilute accordingly. You can read more on all the in’s and out’s for using hydrogen peroxide to treat herpes in The One-Minute Cure book. Whatever you do though, do not pass up using this powerful cure!

NOTE: 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide (as per the books recommendation) is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain. This can be easily overcome, however, simply by purchasing the 12% solution and tripling the amount (12×3=36%) or purchasing the 8% solution and quadrupling the amount (8×4=32%) to give you your 35% grade.  

DMSO: DMSO works a treat on all types of herpes outbreaks whether they be genital, cold sore or shingle related. As soon as you feel that tingling sensation coming on, apply a small amount of DMSO to the affected area. Do this 3 times a day for 3-4 days and either the outbreak won’t happen at all, or it will be very mild and short lived. In addition to this, apply a small amount to the base of the spine, and if it’s fever blisters (HSV1) that you have, also apply a small amount to the back of the neck (spine) and a tiny amount to the temples (trigeminal ganglia) where the virus resides when dormant. The great thing about DMSO is even if you have a full blown breakout, it will still work. Buy the 70% DMSO solution in either liquid, cream or gel form. If you decide to go with the 99.9% pharmaceutical grade, make sure you water it down to a 70% solution before applying so it doesn’t burn.

In addition to this, you can mix the DMSO cream with the oregano oil (3-4 drops) and coconut oil when applying topically to the base of the spine (see #3 cure). DMSO helps penetrate the oregano oil deep into the ganglia nerve. Try and get the 70% DMSO cream with added aloe vera if you can as this helps to stop your skin drying out. HSV1 sufferers can also apply a small amount of the oregano oil/DMSO/coconut oil mix to the back of the neck and temples 3 times a week for extra benefit.14   

Tea tree oil: Tea tree oil is a virtual “cure all” topical treatment, and it works very well on herpes sores. Simply use a single drop from the eye dropper that comes with the bottle and rub lightly on the infected area.

Lemon balm: Lemon balm contains rosmarinic, caffeic and ferulic acid, the compounds which give this herb its potent anti-viral properties. It also works very well on skin lesions caused by the herpes virus. Buy the lemon balm liquid drops and apply 3-4 times a day.

Essential oils: Essential oils such as lavender and peppermint oil can also be used as a topical treatment. However, we recommend you try these only if you don’t receive any benefit from the lemon balm or tee tree oil as these are probably the least effective of the three for most people.

Aloe vera: This amazing plant will help with just about any ailment or skin condition you will ever encounter. It has no side effects and won’t irritate or inflame the skin at all. Use the aloe vera creams or gels to provide some soothing relief to your herpes sores.

Myrrh: Myrrh contains potent anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, antiviral and antiseptic properties and is a powerful immune booster. The ancient Egyptians are said to have used this plant to cure herpes over 5000 years ago (yes, herpes was even around back then). You can use myrrh essential oil as a topical remedy for herpes lesions (and it works a treat for this), but where it really comes into its own is when it’s taken internally. Myrrh extract resin (such as this) doesn’t just significantly enhance the body’s immune response, it prompts the immune system to attack the virus whenever it tries to break out and go on a rampage at your expense. If you’re going to use myrrh, make sure you follow the directions listed on the side of the bottle.

Natural Cure for Herpes #11… Foods to Avoid – Foods to Eat:

Best foods for treating and reversing herpes HSV1 and HSV2

Some foods will definitely impair the healing process while others will help speed it up. The main “no no” is caffeine and any foods that contain it. Caffeine impairs the healing process like nothing else. Foods you must avoid include coffee, black tea and chocolate. However, we do strongly recommend you drink Matcha green tea every day for its potent health and healing benefits. Even though it contains a small amount of caffeine,Matcha green tea boosts the immune system and speeds up the healing process tremendously. In this case, the pros definitely outweigh any cons! 

The other foods and ingredients you need to avoid are all refined sugars and processed foods (including processed dairy), along with GMO’s and hybrid foods.15 These man-altered disaster foods do absolutely nothing for your body and are laced with artificial additives and toxic chemicals that inhibit the effectiveness of the remedies we’ve just discussed. Tap water should also be avoided due to it’s high heavy metal and pesticide content (and tap water can contain parasites and other unwanted pathogens) so make sure you only drink clean filtered water, and of course, no alcohol! You will most likely already feel tired and lethargic from the virus so why would you eat foods and drink liquids that are only going to make you more tired and lethargic anyway? Nuts (not seeds) are also on the list of foods to avoid as they seem to exacerbate the virus due to their high levels of arginine. 

The foods you need to be eating more of are the basics… organic fruits (especially capers for quercetin flavonol, avocados and olives, along with apples and red grapes for resveratrol antioxidant), herbs and spices (especially LOTS of cilantro and turmeric), vegetables, fish (wild caught salmon, tuna and sardines), and omega 3 fatty acid seeds such as flax seeds, hemp and chia seeds. In addition, coconuts contain some very powerful anti-viral and infection fighting properties (specifically, a viral destroying substance called monolaurin), along with essential fatty acids, so make sure you consume plenty of organic coconut oil, coconut water, and take a high quality monolaurin supplement every day.

Green foods such as wheat grass and the blue-green algaechlorella and spirulina are highly alkalizing and chelate (remove toxins and heavy metals) from the body. They are also high in organic iron (your immune system relies on iron to fight the virus) so try and add one or both of these to a morning smoothie every day, along with Atlantic dulse seaweed (another very powerful heavy metal remover) and the anti-viral fruits, pomegranate and maqui berries (you can buy these in powdered form). In addition, take a good quality probiotic supplement and eat plenty of cultured foods such as sauerkraut, kimchi and natural yogurt as well for a healthy gut and healthy digestion (this website has lots of handy recipes you can use).

Finally, make sure you eat LOTS of organic onions and garlic! Yes, this may seem a bit “out there” but many herpes sufferers are experiencing amazing results from drinking their own home-made onion and garlic broth. This makes sense as onions (particularly red onions) and garlic contain some of the most powerful anti-viral and immune boosting substances yet found, including the herpes destroying quercetin flavonol. And a 1992 study by Brigham Young University actually found that garlic was able to kill 90% of the herpes simplex virus within 30 minutes of applying it to a laboratory dish! So there you go? 12

For more information on the onion and garlic remedy and how to make the broth, you can click on this link… Onion Family (Onions, Garlic, Celery, Thyme) for Treating Herpes. Just be aware that onions and garlic do thin the blood, so if you happen to be on any blood thinning medications, you’ll need to leave this one out.

The Bottom Line…

So the bottom line with all of this is “clean eating” and alkalizing the body is the key. Your body cannot be acidic at any point, it must be and stay alkaline at all times. Heavy metals, acid forming foods, artificial additives and toxic chemicals (pesticides, etc) will kill the benefits of this protocol more than anything else!! So make sure you go organic and go raw. Get yourself a Nutribullet or something similar and use this to juice and pulp your foods. Cooking foods destroys valuable nutrients and live enzymes so try and avoid this practice. Eating organic, alkalizing raw foods is definitely one of the secrets to the success of this protocol. 

Tip: If you’re unsure on how to go about following a raw food diet, this article is worth reading and gives you a good outline on what’s involved and what you need to do… Raw Food Diet: Benefits and How to Go About It. In addition, make sure you read this terrific article on acid/alkalizing foods and which ones you need to be eating to boost your pH level and get rid of the herpes virus…. The Acid/Alkaline Food List. Remember this… to destroy the virus you MUST alkalize your body by eating high amounts of alkaline forming foods and limiting the amount of acid forming foods. This is what cleanses the lymphatic system and detoxes the body to drive the virus out! Get yourself some pH testing strips (you can buy these online or from health food stores) and test your pH level every day as soon as you wake up. You want the reading to be 7.25 or higher. Any reading below this level means your body is acidic, and this is not a good thing.  

Natural Herpes Treatment Option #12… You Must Stay Calm:

You will have no doubt found that the times you’re stressed and up-tight are the times when you get an outbreak. The same is true for eczema and psoriasis sufferers. The reason for this is stress lowers the immune system (crucify’s it really). A low immune system means your body can’t fight infection, disease or any parasitic virus. So the result is a breakdown in the body or an actual worsening of any health problem. Fortunately, olive leaf extract, oregano oil, colloidal silver, vitamin C, zinc and the herbs listed above, along with proper eating, will all help to keep your immune system in tip-top condition. But why make it work harder than it needs to? You must learn to keep stress and anxiety to a minimum. Doing some yoga, tai-chi or meditation every day will definitely help. Exercise is also a great “de-stressor”. We recommend you click on our “natural remedies for anxiety” link here for more tips on how to keep your stress levels under control.

A Final Note on Using Natural Treatments and Home Remedies to Destroy the Herpes Simplex Virus…

We believe you have everything here to treat and get rid of the herpes simplex virus permanently and go back to living a normal life. Contrary to what you may be thinking at the moment, the herpes virus is not something you were cursed with and you’ll have to take to your grave. Don’t believe the medical professions “expert opinions” about herpes when they tell you there is no cure. We’re so sick of reading this rubbish (although we do agree that with their orthodox treatments there is no cure, but with natural cures for herpes there definitely is!)

So use all of the recommendations suggested here (apart from the topical remedies, which are optional) and be sure to stick with them to-the-letter FOR A PERIOD OF 12 MONTHS (yes you will need this amount of time). If you do, we guarantee you’ll be pleasantly surprized by the results and down the track you’ll even wonder why you were so worried about contracting the herpes simplex virus in the first place!

Good luck and all the best to you.

DMO (Daily Method Of Operation) – An Entrepreneur’s Best Friend

By Justin Bryant

One key aspect of an entrepreneur’s success is their DMO (daily method of operation). In fact, without a consistent DMO, you basically will just struggle to get anything done every day, which will probably lead to you being broke.

But I’m here to help you prevent that from happening by showing you how to make your DMO and be more productive.

Defining A DMO

Before you compose your own DMO, you need to know what it is and how it helps you. DMO stands for, “daily method of operation” and acts as a daily schedule of certain tasks you should be doing daily in your business to promote growth and keep making more money.

Without one, you’ll have a hard time staying organized and getting the most important tasks done first, which could easily result in lost profits, and even worse things like you having to go get a J.O.B.

So How Do You Make A Good DMO?

I’ll be doing this for the purpose of marketing businesses. But this strategy can apply to anything. Even non-business related things.

Step 1. Open up a word document or get a piece of paper and get ready to brainstorm.

Step 2. Write down the things that make you the most money in your business that you try to do often (those must be done first). What makes you money the fastest out of your top strategies?

Step 3. Decide how much you can work per day time-wise.

Step 4. Now for the more important tasks that make the majority of the money right away, figure out how much time each one should take.

FREE Ultimate Lifestyle Toolkit: 

Learn How To Get More Out Of Life, Reach Your Goals, Have More Motivation, Bring Out Your Full Potential And Live The Life You’ve Always Dreamed Of. 

Step 5. For website modifications, training, personal development, analyzing results and other business tactics that pay off, but won’t bring in profits as quickly, do them after the essential tasks.

Step 6. Look it over and make sure everything you need is on there and is within your workday time frame. Make sure the time estimates for each task are realistic.

Step 7. Put the DMO somewhere where you can see it easily every day when you go to where you work. Be consistent and follow it every single workday without exception.

Step 8. Make sure the marketing steps of your DMO are focused on only one or two max. You need to know which marketing strategies work best for you, and then spend all your time mastering those only.

One thing many entrepreneurs do wrong is try to do everything themselves. While that is what needs to be done at first, you need to not try and learn every single marketing strategy there is, because then you will be good at none of them and only know a little about a lot of them. The big time leaders are the ones that only focus on about 2 marketing strategies that work best for them and they master them.

If your main strategies were videos and solo ads, for instance, you would need to do a video a day, market it and also do maybe a small solo ad a day to bring in lots of traffic. If you prefer blogging and social media chatting as your preferred marketing, then do a blog a day, market it to rank and then talk to 5-10 new people a day on social media every single workday.

Closing Thoughts On DMO Importance

Obviously, you have to be organized and consistent, no matter what business you are in. This strategy will do exactly that for you and if you are just producing consistently day in and day out while also analyzing, tweaking, etc., you will build the successful business you’ve always wanted in no time thanks to your DMO.

Justin Bryant is an entrepreneur, fitness freak, artist, car enthusiast, sports fan and self-improvement addict. His goal is to help people be their best and create incredible businesses that change the world.

15 Free Ways to Get More Blog Post Views

You’ve written a truly terrific blog post. In fact, you’ve written dozens of them – yet your traffic still looks more like a ghost town than the bustling metropolis you were hoping for. Here are 15 ways to drive traffic to your blog posts without monetary cost.

15Free Ways to Get More Blog Post Views

1. Add social sharing buttons to your posts. The easier it is for your readers to share your posts, the more likely they will do so.

2. ASK your readers to share your content. At the end of your post, you might write something simple like, “If you found this helpful, please share.”

3. Build up your own contacts. Make list building a priority so you can capture as many visitors as possible. Encourage people to join your list, follow you on social media, etc. Use bribes and offer great info to get them on board, then take good care of them to ensure they stay with you. When you write a new post, ask them to not only read it, but share it liberally with their own networks.

4. Email your list each time you post great content. This one seems too obvious, but it’s surprising how many bloggers don’t do it. Make sure your email is optimized for all size of screens. And rethink the timing of your email. It used to be that first thing in the morning was best, but now that people are deluged with marketing emails, later in the day when they’re not so rushed might be better.

5. Build up your V.I.P. Contact list. Make friends with those in your niche. Promote their blog posts and their work. Build relationships. When you write posts, they’ll want to reciprocate and promote you as well.

6. Link to websites, blogs and authors who have large social media followings. In your blog post, find ways to mention these folks in a positive way. Maybe you reference one of their posts, or a technique they’re using. When your blog post goes live, send them a message letting them know you mentioned them. Often they will tell their followers and you could get a nice flood of traffic along with a new contact.

7. Do a case study on someone successful. This could be one of those bloggers in your niche with a large following. Analyze what makes them so successful, do an interview with them, get quotes from their followers, etc. Again, you’ll get a big surge of traffic when they promote your post to their followers, plus you’ll have a new friend.

8. Target a specific blogger. In this case, you’re choosing a topic that you know is near and dear to a particular blogger. Perhaps the easiest way to do this is to look at their recent posts, find one that was emotionally driven, and write your own post about the topic. You might point out in your post how this blogger was right about the topic, but use a slightly different angle on the story. You’re not copying what they did, you’re taking it up a notch or moving it in a different direction.

9. Get influential opinions. When you’re writing a post, email a pertinent question to several influential people and ask their opinion. Everyone loves to give an opinion, and unlike a full-fledged interview, it only takes a couple of minutes to answer. Then quote these people in your post and let them know when you post it. Odds are they’ll share it with others. Added bonus: Placing movers and shakers in your posts also increases the chances of your post being shared by readers.

10. Use quotes from personalities in your niche. This one is really easy to do and it doesn’t even have to affect the flow of your post. Simply find appropriate quotes from leaders and shakers in your niche and insert them between sections of your post where appropriate. It’s a great way to visually break up the copy and you can link the quotes back to the original author. Be sure to let the authors know you quoted them.

11. Write lists. You might list the “10 most influential people in your niche,” for example, and link to all ten influencers. Posts like these tend to get shared a great deal.

12. Use infographics in your posts. Yes, it takes extra effort and/or money to generate an infographic, but the results can be powerful. People love infographics and are more likely to share them with others. And if you’re on Pinterest, you’ve already seen how viral infographics can be.

13. Go negative. Write a blog post on the things you’re doing or have done wrong, or the mistakes people are making. Fear of loss is greater than desire for gain. People are more likely to read and share “10 things you’re doing wrong” than “10 things you’re doing right.” Just don’t go too negative or you’ll turn people off.

14. Be contrarian. If everyone else thinks one way, make an argument the other way. Be polite, be nice, but clearly state your case, your evidence, and why you think the way you do. If it’s a topic people care about, your post is very likely to go viral. Be ready for a major traffic surge as well as many heated comments on both sides of the issue.

15. Present one post in several different ways via social media. Let’s say you have a post on how to raise pigs. Different sections of the post might include: Choosing the piglets (or birthing the piglets, if you own the sow) feeding them when they’re young, housing, feeding when they’re older, exercise, training, things to watch out for, health issues, etc. Each of these topics can be individually highlighted in social media, so that you have several different ways to promote your post instead of just one.

If you spend as much time promoting your post as you took writing it, you should see a dramatic upturn in your traffic. One good rule is to do 5 things every day that promotes a post on your blog. Make this a habit and traffic will never again be an issue for you.

Instagram Purges Meme Accounts, Shutting Down Pages With Millions of Followers

By Matt Southern / July 30, 2019

Instagram Purges Meme Accounts, Shutting Down Pages With Millions of Followers

Instagram is cracking down on accounts that primarily post memes, deleting popular pages that have amassed millions of followers.

Dozens of accounts with over 30 million followers combined were deleted without warning. The removal is permanent, meaning there’s no hope for the users to get their accounts restored.

Even rapper Lil Nas X has been bringing attention to the purge of Instagram meme accounts:

According to various news reports, one user was earning up to $30,000 a year through partnerships and using the money to pay for college.

A Facebook spokesperson tells reporters that the accounts were disabled following multiple violations of platform policies.

Earlier this month, Instagram updated its account removal policies. It can now remove accounts that have a certain number of violations within a window of time.

Based on the timing, it’s possible the account purge is related to Instagram’s latest policy change.

In any case, this whole situation illustrates the danger of building a business solely on social media. Those who were once thriving on Instagram are now having a rough go of it.

Organic post engagement is down, sponsored post engagement is down, and Instagram continues to expand its test of hiding like counts.

Now, Instagram is swiftly deleting popular accounts without giving them an opportunity to appeal the decision. And that’s perfectly fine, technically speaking, because Instagram can do what it wants with its own platform.

Unlike having a website, which is an owned property, people have no ownership of their social media pages. Instagram can throttle the reach of pages, suspend them, or delete them permanently.

It looks like uncertain times are ahead for people who rely on Instagram for a large part of their income.

Eliminate Brain Fog and Build Your Empire

One of the hazards they never bother to tell you about when become an online marketer is brain fog. You know what I mean… you’ve been sitting at your computer for 10 minutes or 10 hours when you realize your brain is moving slower than a herd of turtles stampeding through peanut butter.

Eliminate Brain Fog and Build Your Empire

And you know if you could just get your brain in gear, you could get a ton of work done today. But despite that 5th cup of coffee you still can’t seem to focus. What’s a marketer to do?

I take a cue from Nelson Mandela when this happens and I take a walk. If the weather is good, I get some sun on my face, too. Taking even just a 10 minute brisk walk outside can do wonders for your brain, and 20 is even better.

Did you know that making a habit of writing backwards with your non-dominate hand can create an abundance of new connections in your brain that make it work better, faster and more creatively? Leonardo Da Vinci filled entire journals with mirror writing – and you have to admit, the guy was no slouch when it came to intelligence or accomplishments.

Doing things that you don’t normally do, such as taking up a new interest or hobby, will also awaken sleeping parts of your brain. Make it a point to learn a new skill so well, you can teach it to others.

Try going to bed earlier. Most people don’t get enough sleep, and this is one of the biggest causes of brain fog. Sleeping in until noon isn’t good, either. As they say, moderation in all things. Get up at a decent time, drink water and exercise, and then get straight to work.

Take a mid-afternoon nap. Thomas Edison was a prolific napper and look at what he accomplished. And Winston Churchill – despite running a powerful country during a world war – set aside hours each day just for himself to nap, bathe, dress and eat in peace.

Take risks. If you’re risking, it’s going to be something important to you. If it’s important, you’re going to have an enthusiasm for it. And if you’ve got enthusiasm, brain fog tends to vanish. Henry Ford believed that if you’re going to fail, you should do it fast and learn from it. In other words, stop dreaming and take some action. No one who base jumped off a bridge ever felt like they had brain fog at that moment.

Cut out the sugar. The more sugar you eat today, the more tired you will be later today and again tomorrow. It’s not worth it. No doubt you’ve seen the studies that suggests sugar is as addictive as cocaine. It makes for a great headline, but the bottom line is sugar is addictive and as we’ve known for years, it’s bad for you, too. Go 21 days without your favorite sweet tweets – whatever they may be – and see how you and your brain feel.

Bonus: When you cut out the sugar you’ll not only feel better, you’ll look better too. They did a double-blind study where men were asked to rate the attractiveness of women. Those women who did not eat sugar the previous day were rated as being more attractive than those that did. Sugar not only makes you and your brain sluggish – it can also make you less beautiful or handsome.

Make health such a big priority in your life, you end up creating a product in the health niche and sell 100,000 copies. Why not? It’s been done before and it will be done many more times because there will always be people who are willing to pay to get their health and energy back. So let them pay you.

See what happens? I start out by writing a few ways to combat brain fog when you’re stuck behind a computer for too long, and I end up creating a new product.
It’s good to be an online marketer, don’t you think? The ideas are everywhere and the market for solutions never ends.

Now put away the candy and go take a brisk walk to clear your head. Then come back and get to work on building your online empire!

What Happens When You Stop Eating All Sugar

This is how your body reacts.

By Melissa Matthews

giving up sugar

There’s a lot of debate regarding the tenets of a healthy diet. Vegans believe forgoing animal products is best, while keto enthusiasts just want to eat all the fat. But there’s one food people of nearly every dietary preference aim to avoid: sugar.

Giving up the sweet stuff is challenging since it’s found in unsuspecting places, like veggie burgers, tomato sauce, and crackers. But if you do nix added sugars from your diet, your body will benefit almost immediately, according to Dr. Eric Pham, M.D. at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Orange, California.

Within a week you can expect lower blood pressure as well as healthier levels of fat and insulin levels in the bloodstream, he says.

Of course, how your body reacts to the absence of sugar depends on how much of the white stuff you eat in the first place–and whether you’re eating carbs. Your body breaks down complex carbohydrates, like oatmeal and fruit, into simple sugars to use as energy.

But what if you cut out all high glycemic foods, as keto enthusiasts and no-carb, no sugar dieters attempt?

Dessert aficionados, beware: “You’re going to have a tough three days,” says Dr. Brian Quebbemann, M.D., a bariatric surgeon based in California.

First, you’ll probably daydream about donuts, if you’re the type of person who regularly grabs a muffin in the morning and ends dinner with dessert. He explains this occurs because you don’t have sugar to help stimulate your brain.

You may feel, well, rough, but there’s a lot of good stuff going on inside your body.

Insulin, a hormone that regulates glucose, drops to become more stable. You won’t go through the cycle of sugar highs and crashes, Quebbemann explains. Initially, you’ll feel tired and lethargic, but that will pass within a few days. Adrenaline will increase and help break down glycogen, or sugar, stored in your body. This will be released into your bloodstream pretty quickly, says Quebbemann.

“You’ll go through that in less than 24 hours,” he says.

Within three to five days, your liver will make ketones from fat since there’s no more glucose, your body’s main source of energy. That’s when your body enters ketosis, aka fat-burning mode.

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As a result, you could experience muscle cramps since you’re losing a lot of water when you’re in ketosis after cutting out sugar. Some people experience keto flu, associated with headaches, fatigue, and cramps, which lasts about a week.

But once that passes, you’ll feel more energetic, focused, and calm, says Quebbemann.

It’s common for people to cut out sugar and high-glycemic foods to lose weight for short periods of time. However, doctors still aren’t sure whether this is healthy long-term, explains Quebbemann.

That’s why many doctors recommend eating healthy complex carbohydrates. Although they are broken down into sugar, this is an entirely normal and healthy process, says Quebbemann.

In fact, omitting added sugars while eating complex carbs keeps your insulin levels healthy.

“You don’t get the headaches. You don’t get the crashes. You get a consistent level of energy,” he says.

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