Connect To The Universal Mind

Connect To The Universal Mind

By Guest Blogger George Hutton

Drive To The Beach

A couple of weeks ago I drove down to the beach, about an hour’s drive from my place. I parked and I was walking out to the end of the pier and I passed by these three kids.
It looked like two brothers and one sister and the older brother was looking through one of those coin-operated telescopes. The two other kids were waiting for their turn but I noticed that the older brother was acting as if he could see into the future with this telescope.
I guess what he saw was kind of boring and he was making up some ideas about looking into the future and his younger brother and younger sister were looking at him with a kind of admiration.

So, Dude, What’s Up?

I sat down. I said so what up? What do what you want to talk about? He said I’ll tell you an awesome story, man. After I graduated from college I got a job at a marketing company.
I started doing marketing and I got really interested in learning hypnotic seduction. I got really interested in learning language patterns that would allow you to talk to pretty much any female and make her incredibly sexually attracted to you within minutes.
The more I did this the more I wanted to learn. It became a very very fascinating hobby for me. It wasn’t so much the sex in fact once I learned how to do this once I was able to make girls interested in me I just like the process.

Fast Seduction

I like to start with a girl that didn’t even notice me. Go over and start a conversation and see how fast I could turn on her sexual interest in me. I wanted to see how quickly I could get her pupils to dilate. I wanted to see how quickly I could get her lips to swell slightly and part and look at me with that look in her eyes that said she would do anything I wanted.
That was so interesting to me. The language of the interaction between language and emotions and feelings and how I can go from a complete stranger to somebody that she would welcome into her bed. That part about human nature was absolutely fascinating to me.
Then I met this one woman that completely blew my mind. We were in some kind of a bar. I can’t remember whether it was a bar or a social situation or a party but I started talking to her and she instantly went into this very very deep very very open trance. This was very very rare.

Interactive Process

Part of the process was I would have to go up to a woman. I would have to start talking to her. Then she would say things back to me and depending on what she said back to me I would use that to further the process. With this one woman, she wasn’t saying anything. She just instantly went into like this deep trance.
I started to get nervous and I paused and she looked at me and said, don’t, don’t stop. I like what you’re doing. I like these language patterns. I like the style of hypnosis that you’re using on me. That made me even more nervous because the whole time she knew what I was doing while she was in that trance she was also watching me trance her out and that made me more nervous.
She said, no no no don’t worry. I really really like this. We ended up back at her place and she said I want to teach you something. Like you I’ve been very interested in hypnosis, in language and how you can use hypnosis to alter people’s states of consciousness. I’ve been doing a lot of study on my own a lot of research on my own and I’ve discovered something absolutely fantastic. Let me show you.

Guided Visualization

She started off in what seemed like guided visualization, a guided meditation, and she took me all the way down to where my consciousness was in touch with the Universal Mind. According to most schools of thought, we have our conscious mind, we have our own subconscious mind and then there is this one collective unconscious. One Universal Mind. One storehouse of information that exists beyond the time that essentially contains all the information, all the knowledge, all the feelings from the past the present and the future.
Normally we are always connected to this, but the connection has to run through our subconscious. Any kind of information, any kind of data, whether it be about the past or the future or the present, any kind of information that comes to us from the Universal Mind has to pass through our subconscious, which means by the time we get that information it’s been kind of translated into subconscious language.
Which means it’s in archetypes or images or feelings or intuitions or dreams. Which means it’s very very hard to interpret. A lot of schools of thought believe this was done on purpose because if we could connect directly with our conscious minds to the Universal Mind that would create a lot of problems.

Subconscious Buffer System

So our kind of individual subconscious mind presents like a buffer to us. But when she brought me down to this meditation where I connected with the Universal Mind directly, I experienced it directly with my conscious mind. I knew exactly what the purpose of everything was.
We only spent about three minutes connected to the Universal Mind but it seemed like an infinity of absolute bliss. Bliss doesn’t even begin to describe how wonderful it was. It was like pure love. Pure connectedness to complete lack of fear, complete inclusion of everything. Every idea, every person, every personality, every feeling. It was completely free and open. There was no fear, there was no pain, there was no want, there was no outside feeling. No feeling of being excluded. No feeling of being left out. Everybody was there.
It was forever. It was infinite. When we came back, my entire life had changed. My entire outlook had changed and he told me that he spent the next 20 years building businesses. Every time he tried to build a business with the pure intention of helping other people that business started making tons of money.

Easy Money By Helping People

He kept doing that over and over and over and pretty soon he was having so much money he was making so much money he didn’t want to do. This part of his life he was kind of in a transition process. Most of his businesses were kind of running on their own and he was starting to transition into the phase of his life where he wanted to stop making products and start giving away as much of his money as he could.
He wanted to do this through establishing all of these non-profit organizations all of these situations all of these things that could help people around the world. The reason he called me was he was going back to every single person he had ever met and just wanted to reconnect.
One of his big takeaways from being in contact with the collective unconscious was the entire purpose of the consciousness, that universal consciousness creating the seeming fractionated identity system, was so we could spend our entire lives trying to create these connections with other people.

Many Minds – One Mind

That’s the entire purpose of having so many individual minds connected to the Universal Mind through her own individual subconscious minds. So we can be driven to connect with other people. Every time you make a connection with another person, every time you make a deep connection with another person, that shared connection that feels so wonderful is actually a shared connection to that deep universal mind.
That’s really the purpose of life. To create as many as those real connections as you can. The more of those real connections you make, the more collective connections through each other to the universal mind that you will have. We shook hands and we exchanged business cards and we promised to keep in touch.
I was walking out back to my car and I passed by those same three kids looking through the same telescope. It had been about two hours and I asked the parents, I said, how many quarters have they spent? The mom smiled and said about $20 worth.

Contagious Future Vision

The kids were still playing as if they could look through the telescope and see into the future. When I first walked out it seemed like the older one was the only one that had that kind of idea. It looked like that idea caught on and they were taking turns pretending to look into the future and they were taking turns looking into the future and try to make it sound is wonderful and fantastic as possible.

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