DMO (Daily Method Of Operation) – An Entrepreneur’s Best Friend

DMO (Daily Method Of Operation) – An Entrepreneur’s Best Friend

By Justin Bryant

One key aspect of an entrepreneur’s success is their DMO (daily method of operation). In fact, without a consistent DMO, you basically will just struggle to get anything done every day, which will probably lead to you being broke.

But I’m here to help you prevent that from happening by showing you how to make your DMO and be more productive.

Defining A DMO

Before you compose your own DMO, you need to know what it is and how it helps you. DMO stands for, “daily method of operation” and acts as a daily schedule of certain tasks you should be doing daily in your business to promote growth and keep making more money.

Without one, you’ll have a hard time staying organized and getting the most important tasks done first, which could easily result in lost profits, and even worse things like you having to go get a J.O.B.

So How Do You Make A Good DMO?

I’ll be doing this for the purpose of marketing businesses. But this strategy can apply to anything. Even non-business related things.

Step 1. Open up a word document or get a piece of paper and get ready to brainstorm.

Step 2. Write down the things that make you the most money in your business that you try to do often (those must be done first). What makes you money the fastest out of your top strategies?

Step 3. Decide how much you can work per day time-wise.

Step 4. Now for the more important tasks that make the majority of the money right away, figure out how much time each one should take.

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Step 5. For website modifications, training, personal development, analyzing results and other business tactics that pay off, but won’t bring in profits as quickly, do them after the essential tasks.

Step 6. Look it over and make sure everything you need is on there and is within your workday time frame. Make sure the time estimates for each task are realistic.

Step 7. Put the DMO somewhere where you can see it easily every day when you go to where you work. Be consistent and follow it every single workday without exception.

Step 8. Make sure the marketing steps of your DMO are focused on only one or two max. You need to know which marketing strategies work best for you, and then spend all your time mastering those only.

One thing many entrepreneurs do wrong is try to do everything themselves. While that is what needs to be done at first, you need to not try and learn every single marketing strategy there is, because then you will be good at none of them and only know a little about a lot of them. The big time leaders are the ones that only focus on about 2 marketing strategies that work best for them and they master them.

If your main strategies were videos and solo ads, for instance, you would need to do a video a day, market it and also do maybe a small solo ad a day to bring in lots of traffic. If you prefer blogging and social media chatting as your preferred marketing, then do a blog a day, market it to rank and then talk to 5-10 new people a day on social media every single workday.

Closing Thoughts On DMO Importance

Obviously, you have to be organized and consistent, no matter what business you are in. This strategy will do exactly that for you and if you are just producing consistently day in and day out while also analyzing, tweaking, etc., you will build the successful business you’ve always wanted in no time thanks to your DMO.

Justin Bryant is an entrepreneur, fitness freak, artist, car enthusiast, sports fan and self-improvement addict. His goal is to help people be their best and create incredible businesses that change the world.

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