How Does Self-Hypnosis Work

How Does Self-Hypnosis Work

By Guest Blogger Heather Mathews

Self-hypnosis might be a topic that is known by many but only understood by some.    

Yes, the benefits are there. You can easily reprogram your subconscious mind while being in a relaxed state.    

Whether you want to lose weight, earn more money, or stop an unwanted behavior…   

Self-hypnosis can help you.   

Why is it hard to change something we’ve been used to doing?   

When we become habituated to something, we do it on autopilot. Our mind doesn’t have to use so much mindpower or energy to execute a habit. Or to think of something that we’re used to thinking.   

Our conscious minds love that!   

Our conscious mind loves it when it can conserve energy by doing something on autopilot. Call it lazy, but that’s why we become habituated to things we do repeatedly.    

It’s not that our brain doesn’t like to spend energy on these things…   

…it’s just that we do these things so very often that we can do it unconsciously. Or, in other words, we do it subconsciously.   

And when our subconscious mind handles the task, it can do it flawlessly. Yes, it doesn’t know right from wrong, but whatever it does, it does it in a great manner.   

So great that its guardian and protector—the conscious mind—don’t like it to stop. It will rationalize why you shouldn’t stop the habit. The conscious mind makes it hard for you to change something because it’s easier. And you already went so far to program your subconscious mind, why change it? It’s not easy, said the conscious mind.   

So the problem is with our conscious mind. It doesn’t like to be reprogrammed, it loves the comfort and it will stay comfortable for as long as you let it to.   

So how do you change a habit if your conscious mind won’t let you?   

Simple, bypass the conscious mind. Talk directly to the great kid inside—the subconscious mind. Without the guardian, the conscious mind…  

The subconscious mind can easily accept suggestions or affirmations.   

It can easily accept programming. Yes, hypnotherapy sessions can last up to a month or two. But that’s the best that it can be.   

Compared to if you’ll try to change something subconsciously…  

…with your conscious mind watching you.   

Do I need to see a hypnotherapist?   

No, you don’t need to. In fact, at the end of this article, you’ll be given a link to get hypnotherapy recordings. These are designed to rewire your brain for money. Recorded by Dr. Steve G. Jones, a clinical hypnotherapist. If you’ve been familiar with the topic, you might have heard of him somewhere.   

Anyway, you don’t really need to see a hypnotherapist. These recordings can work. And here’s how to use them.   

  1. Make sure you don’t listen to these recordings while driving. Don’t listen to these when operating heavy machinery too.  
  2. It is recommended to listen to these at night. Or if you listen to them during the day, make sure you set an alarm so you can wake up to continue the day’s errands. You might fall into a deep good sleep and forget about the things you need to do. Still, the best time to listen to this is at night, when no one and nothing can disturb you and your peace of mind.   
  3. Close your eyes, and simply follow the instructions on the recording. Dr. Steve G. Jones will guide you through it.   
  4. Listen to one recording at a time, for 21 nights straight.   

That’s it!   

Yes, you need 3 weeks to program your subconscious mind more effectively. But changes are seen somewhere around 2 weeks.   

You may or may not remember what was said in the recording, and I’ll explain later why.   

What are self-hypnosis recordings?   

The goal of each recording is to put you in a hypnotic trance. That way, the suggestions inside the recording can reach your subconscious mind easily.   

There are 5 parts of the recording and each of them helps to achieve this goal.   


This is the relaxation part; the goal of this part is to induce a hypnotic trance. In here you’ll be aware that the hypnotist is trying to make you feel relaxed. It’s done by engaging all your senses in a relaxing manner.   


For most self-hypnosis recordings, this part is a countdown from 5 to 1 or 10 to 1. The goal is to make your relaxation deeper, as deep as it can go. This is a preparation for the next part which is…   


This is the meat of the recording. While the induction and deepening can be anything relaxing for the listener…   

…this is where it gets different.   

This is the part that contains affirmations and reprogramming. This is where the hypnotist will talk to your subconscious mind.   

You may or may not be able to remember this part. Or you may or may not be conscious while this part of the recording is playing.   


This part attempts to make you consciously forget what you’ve heard in the script. Why listen and make you forget anyway? It’s because you don’t want your conscious mind to remember anything. Because it makes changes hard, remember?    

You have bypassed your conscious mind and spoke to your subconscious mind directly. This is done through the first 3 steps. If the hypnotist won’t attempt to make you forget…   

…the conscious mind can just disregard everything that has been done.   

Trance Termination   

This is the part where the hypnotist will either put you back to consciousness. Or let you continue your sleep.   

Questions you may have   

This article can raise lots of questions and I’ll try to address them now.   

What if I fall asleep during the track?   

It’s okay to fall asleep during the track, your subconscious mind will still pick up the messages.   

What if I still remember the script, and the amnesia didn’t work, does it mean the recording wasn’t effective?   

No, amnesia only attempts to make you forget. You won’t forget all the time, but that’s okay, your subconscious mind can still process what had been said.   

Why should I listen for 21 days?   

As it took time to build your habits, it will take time to rebuild them into something better and healthier.   

Is it okay to move or to scratch an itch while listening?    

Yes, if it will make you more comfortable. But it’s better if you do it before you listen. Go pee, or do whatever you need so you won’t feel like you need to interrupt the recording while it’s already playing.   

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