How to be Happy at Work

How to be Happy at Work

By Guest Blogger Heather Matthews

A lot of articles nowadays talk about millennials and why most of them are unsatisfied with their jobs and leave after only a few months.

They say that the times have spoiled these young ones and that they have different values, principles, and work ethics. They grew up in a world that’s fast-paced and that thrives on rapid changes.

While that is probably true, that doesn’t mean they’re unhappier than most people who aren’t millennials. To be fair, there are a lot of non-millennials who are equally promiscuous in terms of employment.

Let’s discuss broadly what keeps people happy with their jobs, and ultimately, life.

Don’t seek happiness

Sometimes we get too intense in our quest to be happy that it becomes counter-productive already. We tend to think that when the honeymoon phase of our work is over, that it’s all downhill from there.

We look somewhere else to find that excitement, that spark.

You don’t need to look for happiness because it comes as a result of something else– finding purpose and meaning in what you do.

You need to find what it is that makes you feel good. Maybe your job is about helping people solve their financial problems, or you’re advising people on what to do with their love lives, etc.

There should be an aspect that makes you feel like you’re adding some sort of value to other people’s lives.


Human beings perpetually look for new things to learn, to experience, new people to meet, new skills to acquire. In order for you to be content with work, it has to give you plenty of discontent.

Confusing? That just means it doesn’t run out of things to offer or opportunities to open.

People stay at jobs that make them feel there’s more to uncover. They want to feel challenged and that they are still learning, not becoming stagnant.

It’s not all about comfort and what your job or career can offer you now. Longevity is something that you need to think about.

Is there a step up from where you’re at? Is there a ladder to climb higher?

Those things matter because you need to keep adapting to a changing world, a changing paradigm.

Invest in yourself

To be competent and confident, you need to religiously invest in yourself. There are a number of ways that you can do this.

First of all, invest in your knowledge. Read books, watch shows, participate in events that will keep you posted on the latest trends in your field. You need to stay relevant.

Secondly, invest in your health. Don’t take this one for granted.

Don’t max yourself out on any given day. You need to keep a little to yourself so that at the end of the day, even though you feel spent, you have enough left for tomorrow.

Thirdly, invest in your appearance. How you dress, how you carry yourself, will have a profound effect on how you conduct your business. It also makes a difference in how people will see you.

Appearance may not be everything, but it is a thing.

Lastly, invest in some down-time. You can’t and shouldn’t be busy all the time, or you’ll get burnt out fast.

Take time offs, have breaks, indulge yourself regularly with hobbies.

All work and no play, makes life a long bad day.

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