How To Get What You Want In Life

How To Get What You Want In Life

By Guest Blogger Heather Matthews

There is no end to things that worry us these days and the things that we would like to have. The question is, how fast can we get those things by putting aside unnecessary hurdles?

You might be worried about getting your dream job, a better house, a new car, or maybe just be at peace. Now, we do not want to go into a lecture about how you can get those things, just like most self-help articles do.

What we will do is to make you aware of what the law of attraction is all about. If you have not already heard of this new age theory, then do not worry about it.

We will tell you. The law of attraction, simply put, is basically the idea that you attract what you want. This also means that you get what you give out. Without going into much detail, we will just tell you how you can get what you want in life with the help of the law of attraction in the steps given below:

Have immovable faith

This is the single most important point that anyone who believes in the law of attraction will tell you.

If you know it, then you will do it. You are the first person who needs to believe in your capabilities and therefore, have faith that you deserve to get what you dream for.

Allow the universe to work its way

At times you should just know how to let go. This does not mean that you will get lazy and not work towards your goals.

This just means that you have to stop fretting and upsetting yourself over things that you cannot control and instead, just work towards things that are within your control. By doing this, you are increasing your chances of getting what you want faster.

The universe is powerful and it recognizes your effort, hard work, passion, and love for what you ask. So, the key is to be patient and not try to be a control freak.

Good things take time and believe that things will come around, you will get what you have always wanted. Losing heart is only going to delay the process. The universe functions in ways that are not always very apparent so let it take its own course.

Keep an open mind

The person who knows how to stay receptive to new things always opens up more possibilities for themselves. You might have been quite accepting of learning new things, trying out experiences, etc, but have you consciously kept your mind open every day?

Even when you are going through difficult times, try and focus, and think that maybe something good will come out of it.

The moment you close yourself, you become stagnant and resistant to change. And if no change occurs in your life, how is it possible for you to grow from your current position to where you want to be?

Seek out signs that the universe will send your way. You will then know that you are on the right path. Be alert because those signs can be as little as seeing the car you want, parked in the parking lot of your office. The universe is trying to remind you of your goals.

Visualization is the key

If you are not one of those people who has been blessed with an active imagination, even then you can practice how to visualize. In the law of attraction, visualization can have tremendous effects. You can take baby steps towards doing this.

For instance, you can choose something simple like one of your favorite books. Close your eyes, imagine the cover of the book, the color, texture, how you feel when you touch it, etc.

Imagine yourself opening the book and inhaling the familiar smell of its pages. Imagine reading the first line of the book and recreating the image of the page in your mind.

This exercise is really helpful both for your concentration and to help you visualize. You will have almost a real experience through the eye of your mind. Once you get used to this, try doing this with what you want, like your goals.

If you want to get an award, then imagine yourself on the stage, imagine the award in your hands, repeat the speech you will say when you get the award, etc. By doing this, you are asserting the fact that you want your goals to be achieved immediately.

Be thankful

Being aware of the things that you have and being grateful for them is very important for you to take further steps towards success and in achieving what you want. If you do not value what you already have, this shows carelessness on your part and you give out negative signs to the universe.

If you are thankful and treasure what you have, it is more likely for the universe to reward you with anything else that you desire.

A good way to do this is to make a hand-written note of all those things that you have been given, irrespective of how small or big it is. It may include your friends who give you so much happiness, your economic status, an education, a good house, good health, some talent, whatever it might be.

You can try to be thankful for things that are happening right now. For example, you have got good marks at the class test, you have bought your favorite lipstick, you took that pending trip, you ate a great pizza, etc. This will give you something to feel happy about every day and heighten your spirits.

Keep your intention awake

How many of you actually think about your daily actions before doing them? We know what the answer will be. When we do even the simplest of actions without thinking about them beforehand, we often get distracted in the middle of a task, forget other little jobs, or we even make a mess out of what we are doing, however simple it might be.

Stop this from now on and make a conscious effort of thinking and reflecting upon your actions. This will help you plan your tasks, do them accurately, and organize your entire schedule. Also, the quality of the work that you will get, will be very superior.

In the beginning, this effort might just feel very exhausting but as you get used to it, it will become a sort of second nature. You will then never do anything without thinking about it beforehand.

Having said all of this, we would like to tell you something.

Think of it as a chant that you should always remember. Some wise man once said that magic happens only to those who believe in it. It is the same in the case of the law of attraction. It will happen to you, from the moment you start believing in it.

And trust the whole process of growth, not superficially but in your heart of hearts. Once you do this, positive results will start showing themselves and soon you will see how adversely your life has changed. Achieving what you want will not be very far away then.

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