How to Have a Good Night’s Sleep

How to Have a Good Night’s Sleep

By Guest Blogger Heather Matthews

Dreams are a product of what goes on in our everyday lives. It is a combination of things we hear, see, think about, and experience.

In our conscious state, we collect the elements that will show up later on when we’re sleeping. Our dreams show us what has been retained in our memory and what is in our subconscious.

So for the most part, we actually have control over our dreams. Most of the factors that contribute to whether or not we have good or bad dreams are things we can manipulate.

Here are some things that could help you have a better night’s sleep:


There are people who are sensitive to the noise around them. Sometimes it can’t be helped, especially if you’re living in the city, more specifically on the main streets.

What you can do about this is to buy a sound machine or a cd of sounds that are more relaxing. Start playing it an hour before you put your head to rest.

The soothing sounds will create a safe haven for your thoughts. Studies have shown that listening to nature sounds help you have good dreams about it.

Ambient noise will help your brain shut down on stressful thoughts and focus on what calms you.


Science has conducted an experiment that says smelling flowers at a certain point in the sleep cycle can actually help you have good dreams.

But trying to replicate that effect by using aromatherapy before you sleep might not help so much to influence your dreams.

However, while they can’t directly influence your dream, they can influence your state of mind.

So aromatherapy has its advantages.


The food you eat, the time you eat it, and the time you get ready for bed will affect your sleep.

Obviously, you need to avoid the kinds of food that can keep you awake like coffee, soda, energy drinks.

While you’re at it, avoid eating spicy food as well. These kinds of food tend to give you indigestion, and the fussier your stomach is, the fussier you will be too.

When this happens, the rate at which you tend to remember nightmares is higher.

Choose the right food and the right time to eat to avoid having this problem.

Dream Journal

They say you remember your dreams the most within 5 minutes of waking up. During this period, it’s advisable for you to write down what happened in your sleep, whether it’s good or bad.

For the nightmares that you have, after writing them down, make an alternative ending to what happened, or if you want, manipulate the elements to make them more pleasant.

For the good dreams, reread them and think about what made them good for you. Visualize the good dreams.

The more you think about the conditions that make up your good dreams, the more likely your mind is to repeat them.

Avoid Stress

As much as possible, try not to bring work home. Think of your house as your respite from the stressful elements that catch up to you in the office.

It is a safe place where you can let loose and feel free to not think about that merger, that deadline, or that project.

Bringing work home only extends the anxiety to your safe house. By doing this, you let stressful thoughts invade your state of mind.

Another thing to avoid is having arguments before you sleep.

If you must talk about highly sensitive topics, do so by keeping in mind that the goal is to resolve whatever it is that needs a conversation.

Talk to your partner in a calm manner, and tell them to do the same.

It can have quite an impact on our dreams when we sleep angry or leave things unresolved in our heads.

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