How to Make an Empowered Decision

How to Make an Empowered Decision

By Guest Blogger Heather Mathews

Human Life is full of dimensions, choices, risks, and possibilities. When a person reaches adulthood, life imposes different kinds of responsibilities upon him.

Each responsibility demands some sort of decision making whether small or big. When you make a decision, it can impact your life positively or negatively. None is born with the perfect decision making power. The human learns it after stepping on earth.

Build the courage to face both the positive and negative consequences of your decision. This bold attitude sends a positive signal to the universe about your strong will power. The universe only responds to the brave souls.

The strength of an empowered decision can exploit the ‘Law of Attraction’ and open the door of new possibilities in your life. So, cultivate your ability to make empowered decisions, when the situation demands.

What is an Empowered Decision?

The term ‘Empowerment’ indicates becoming powerful. According to the dictionary, an ‘Empowered Decision’ means, the power of decision making. However, in real life, the concept of taking an empowered decision is not so simple.

Rather, an ‘Empowered Decision’ involves many other things like values, skill, courage, confidence, risks, opportunities, etc.

Empowered decision making is also required in institutions and organizations.

Many popular business organizations have started the practice of consensus decision making. It allows the distribution of the decision making power among the employees. Successful empowerment can make an organizational system to work more efficiently.

How an Empowered Decision Can Exploit the ‘Law of Attraction’?

The ‘Law of Attraction’ is a hypothetical idea revealing the mystery of the universe. This concept reflects the magnificent ability of our mind to bring into our life what we want.

According to the ‘Law of Attraction’, when you focus on positive ideas, you would experience positive outcomes. On the other hand, negativity in thoughts breeds negative results in your life.

While taking a decision you can weigh the proportion of pros and cons associated with every option you get. However, nothing on earth comes without risks. It’s your choice, whether to take a risk. Or, up to what extent you might take the risk. Or, do you think you are ready to suffer the outcome?

When you are fully aware of the uncertainty and still you can make decisions, you can go beyond the fear of negative outcomes. At this stage, the universe yields to the power of your mind and exploits the ‘Law of Attraction’.

So, if you can make an empowered decision, it would bring miracles in your life and you get what you desire.

How to Make Empowered Decisions?

An adult human being needs to take small to big decisions in different stages of life. For instance, you may need to decide, what is the best career for you? Or, when is the best time to get married?

Or, is it the right time to quit your job and start a business? And, so on. Whatever decisions you make, it comes with a consequence. It might be good or bad. Let’s discuss some easy methods for making an empowered decision.

  1. Recognize Your Desire & Worth.

When life urges you to make a decision, ask yourself what do you want? Or, up to what level do you want it? Or, is it truly necessary in your life? Another necessary thing is to know what you are worthy of.

If a person knows his worth, he can’t undervalue his power of decision making. In other words, being aware of self-worth would help you to make a firm decision.

  1. Evaluate Threats & Strengths Involved.

Except for the mother’s love, every issue on earth comes with some sort of good and bad things. When you are required to make a decision, try not to be biased. See what options you have. Then, fairly weigh up the prospects and risks of each option available. Understand the depth of uncertainty.

Take time, have a deep conversation with your own-self. If your mind and brain engage in a battle, cool down. Listen to both of them and make peace with your inner-self.

For every option, visualize the influence of your choice, inside your mind. Proper visualization of the probable scenario would certainly help you to make an empowered decision.

  1. Take Opinions

It is a good practice, to take opinions of the experienced persons. You can also take advice from your seniors, friends, or well-wishers, who you think deserve this privilege.

Opinions or pieces of advice of other people might give you the scope to judge the issue from different dimensions and viewpoints. Listen to what they say, but judge with your own mind and brain.

  1. Sense Your Gut Feelings.

Never ignore your gut feelings. When something wrong is going to happen, your subconscious mind can sense it. If you feel something is wrong, it is certainly wrong. Believe in your guts.

Don’t hurry, take time, if necessary. Do what you really think is the best option for you. Be confident over your own decision making power.

  1. Make Your Own Decision

When you are fully aware of your desire, and self-worth, you can develop the ability to make an empowered decision. While judging the choices you have, you might find yourself at the fork of a road.

Remember, whatever decision you take, must be your conscious choice. And, your tiny decision can make a big change in your life.

  1. Stick to Your Decision.

If you are hesitant about your decision, it means you are confused about your inner desire. Once you make your decision, stick to it. Be strong enough to value your own decision-making ability.

Don’t allow your mind to step backward from your decision. Fight for your decision no matter what comes afterward. And, always make your mind feel optimistic about the empowered decisions you have made.

  1. Face the Outcome, Learn & Grow.

Show the universe that you have the courage to face every consequence of your decision. What if, you fail? Neither get ashamed nor lose hope at your failure. Rather, express gratitude to the universe for giving you the opportunity to grow.

Your failure can unlock new possibilities that you might have overlooked before. Take lessons from your failure and utilize this experience in your future.

Acknowledge the outcome of your own decision and navigate through it. When you are aware of the consequences and still want to take the risk, you are walking towards a new future.

It means you are urging the universe to create your own reality. Thus, you can exploit the ‘Law of Attraction’ and manifest miracles in your own life.

When you take an empowered decision, you control the circumstance and get an opportunity to choose from a range of options weighing their pros and cons. It enhances your confidence, skill, and capability.

The ability to make an empowered decision needs you to be aware of the risk involved and overcome the fear with the spirit of your will power.

You might fail, as a result of your empowered decision making. But you can take a lesson and start again. This time, you would grow stronger than ever before. And, your unyielding courage would unlock endless possibilities in your life.

Thus, the universe applies it’s the law of attraction and the miracles do happen in real life.

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