Manifesting Your Dreams the Right Way

Manifesting Your Dreams the Right Way

By Guest Blogger Heather Matthews

I’m sure you have heard of the saying ‘a watched pot never boils’. The same principle can be applied to this lesson we’re trying to teach you here.

The more you watch something, the more you monitor a ‘result’ that you want to happen, the longer it feels like waiting for it to happen.

You may be feeling confused right now as the Law of Attraction teaches that the more you think about something you want, your goals, that you will pull them closer to you.

You may be asking, “How am I blocking these desires from coming to me by concentrating on making them happen when that’s what the Law of Attraction says to do?”

Well, there’s a fine line between focusing on manifesting your desires and focusing on the wrong motivation why you want those things.

Even when what you want is something that’s ultimately good for you, if in order to get it, you focus on the negative aspect of wanting it, then what you’re actually calling towards you is the negative impact that the lack of it is putting on your life.

To make it clearer, here’s an example.

My friend, John, has been unemployed for a few months now and he wants a job so bad because his wife is nagging him to get one.

He is pressured by the fact that his wife might leave him if he doesn’t get a job soon. So he wakes up every day wishing that today is the day he gets a lucky break and he finds work already so that the nagging will stop and he can find peace and quiet in his life again.

But every time he gets disappointed with not finding a job, he gets more desperate and angrier with himself, his wife, and ultimately his life.

He begins to wonder what he’s doing wrong.

He thinks he’s manifesting his desires, but really, he’s manifesting the negativity that surrounds his desires. That’s why his frustrations seem to be increasing and not his chances of actually getting what it is he wants.

Although finding a job is a good thing, his motivation and what he’s concentrating on is on the negative side. John is concentrating on why his life is bad and what’s missing from it as opposed to concentrating on the positive side of things.

So I was talking to John about this and I began to explain this to him. I stressed the difference between using the Law of Attraction to manifest his desires and what he was actually doing.

I advised him to work on a couple of things.

First and foremost, he needed to shift his perspective and how he approached his goals.

I told him he needed to first improve on how he saw his wife’s nagging.

Instead of getting frustrated and saying to himself “I want the nagging to stop that’s why I need a job”, he could begin thinking “I want to be a better provider for my wife and make a better life for us”.

By shifting your thinking to a more positive light, you change the message you’re sending out there and you’ll begin to attract more positive vibes because of it.

He talked to his wife about this and explained to her what he needed to do, she obliged and also made tweaks in how she dealt with the situation.

After a few weeks, he landed a good job, with a good pay, and as a sweet bonus, they found out they were going to have a baby!

How’s that for a solid example on blessings pouring in when you use the Law of Attraction in the right way?

John is only one example, but there are several others that have gotten what they have been wishing for just after making the right adjustments.

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