5 Powerful Ways To Attract Abundance In Your Life

By Guest Blogger Heather Matthews

“Don’t accept the fear that scarcity exists in any corner of your life. There is enough love, enough time, enough healing to go around. Give what you wish to receive.” ― Jewel

Lisa, a stay-at-home mom of three kids, recently got back into the workforce. She decided to focus on raising her kids, so she put her property management career on hold for a while.

When Lisa’s youngest child started going to junior high school (and her oldest one started college), she applied for a position as vice president of operations at a high-end shopping mall.

As it happened, the current person at the job was just about to leave because he was reassigned to a branch at another city.

So Lisa went to the interview, nailed it, and got the job.

Now, that might not sound so remarkable. On the surface, it all seemed like a straightforward process.

But here’s the thing – Lisa used to work the same job at the same place before she opted to stay at home and take care of her family. And when she decided to get back on the old horse several months ago, Lisa had been trying to work there again.

She knew the people well and had a fantastic relationship with them. Plus, they have an excellent working environment, and the benefits were more than substantial.

The only reason she left was because of her kids, and now she was ready to get back at it again. The problem was that there weren’t any vacancies at the company.

Lisa looked for work elsewhere, but she kept her eye on her old job.

In fact, Lisa was about to take an offer from another position she applied for but turned it down at the 11th hour when she got her lucky break.

Here’s the other interesting thing about it. Just a couple of days before Lisa got her old job back, she’d been learning and applying different ways to manifest abundance.

Her sister, Jocelyn, introduced her to the Law of Attraction and Lisa figured it was worth a shot.

Now, she thought that the breakthrough in her work situation might be just a case of plain luck.

But then, another funny thing happened…

Lisa’s car had broken down in the same week she got her old job back. It wasn’t anything serious, but the repairs came to a total of $147.65

At first, Lisa didn’t think much of it. But then, she got a letter from her bank saying that she got a sizeable rebate on her credit card for being a loyal customer.

You can probably guess exactly how much her cashback reward was.

Lisa was stunned. She’d been using the same card for years now, and never got any previous letters about a reward.

At that moment, Lisa knew it was more than just a random instance of good fortune. That letter she held in her trembling hand was a sign from The Universe.

Is It Luck or Destiny Calling?

A lot of people think that life is just a series of circumstances beyond their control.

They don’t understand the kind of power they wield, or how it can shape the course of their life.

Lisa’s recent experience showed her that she can attract the things she wants in life. Not only that, she has the incredible potential to influence her very destiny.

We ALL have this ability, and it’s just a matter of developing it like any other skill.

It all starts with mastering your mindset and cultivating the right habits. After that, you’ll effortlessly attract more wealth, abundance and happiness than you know what to do with.

Here’s how to get started today:

#1: Light Up The World

When I think about abundance, there’s no better representation of it than the Sun. When was the last time you were worried there wasn’t enough light for everyone?

Have you ever been afraid that the Sun would go out one day? Probably not.

Sure, maybe billions of years from now, that might happen. But as far as human comprehension is concerned, that’s not for another several eternity.

Now think about that light inside you. There’s so much goodness, talent, and value that you can offer the world.

When you shine that light on other people around you, there’s no limit to the impact you can make on their lives.

And when you generously share this endless gift…

…you’ll find that it will come back to you in ways you’ve yet to understand.

#2: Unlearn Your Fear of Scarcity

Most of us are afraid that the worst is going to happen. We’re always stocking up, securing the hatches and steeling ourselves from dangers we’ve yet to face.

In a lot of ways, we’re prisoners of our own fears. It’s mostly because everyone has their share of negative life experiences.

It might leave someone a little jaded, change their outlook on life and make them defensive.

Worse, it closes their minds to the infinite possibilities and opportunities that life has to offer.

So, they usually have these kinds of thoughts in their head:

– “How can there be any good left in the world when it’s been so unfair to me??”

– “The idea of ‘having it all’ is a myth. You have to settle for whatever life gives you!”

But the fact is that you can have your cake and eat it, too. If you raise your frequency and tap into the energy of the Universe, you’ll find that it can give you everything you want.

When you embrace the reality that life is abundant as you want it to be, you don’t have to pick and choose…

…because it’s ALL yours for the taking!

#3: Detoxify Your Life

People often hold on to things in this world way longer than they should.

It could be junk sitting in your attic or basement. It can also be thoughts, experiences, and memories of events that have come to pass.

All of these might have served a purpose in the past. But as you evolve over time, you’re not the same person you were so many years ago.

Your priorities and motivations have changed, and you have different needs now. You’re more focused and have a clearer sense of direction, so holding on to those things could be slowing you down.

Don’t let that toxic energy drag you back into past behaviors and thought patterns – it’s going to get in the way of attracting abundance in your life.

However, I’m not saying that you should throw away positive memories or experiences. Just let mentally go of the ones that don’t help you anymore, then move forward.

As for physical clutter, getting rid of it is also helpful from a psychological viewpoint. Look into the minimalism movement and figure out how to trim the fat wherever you can.

Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, known collectively as The Minimalists, are authors and filmmakers who talk about this topic.

They don’t reduce the act of de-cluttering to merely getting rid of stuff. It goes beyond that, and here’s what they had to say about it:

“Minimalists don’t focus on having less, less, less. We focus on making room for more: more time, more passion, more creativity, more experiences, more contribution, more contentment, more freedom. Clearing the clutter from life’s path helps make that room.”

#4: Rewrite Your Story

Everyone has a narrative in their head, and it’s often TOXIC.

The story they have about themselves is usually littered with damaging and disempowering labels. And people don’t even realize half the time that they’re doing this.

Like we talked about in the last point, people hold on to experiences and events for years and years.

This creates a distorted truth about who they are – and they repeat it in their mind over and over. Here are some examples of what I mean:

– “That kid from high school was right …you’ll always be that awkward loser who can’t get it together. That’s why you’re stuck in the hole you’re in now.”

– “Do you know why your partner broke up with you? It’s because you’re insensitive and don’t care about anyone else but yourself. No wonder you’re alone now.”

– “Your dad always said you didn’t have the guts to pursue an actual career. He knows you’re not strong enough to stand on your own two feet, that’s why he’s always bailing you out.”

These stories and beliefs shouldn’t get a vote in your life anymore. The less you feed them, the less power they’ll have over you.

Remember, part of letting go of that negative baggage is acknowledging it first. Once you’ve come to terms with that story in your head, you can begin rewriting it.

That way, you can create the space in your mind for abundance to GROW.

#5: Reinforce Your Reality

Mindset is crucial, but so is ACTION. You can have the most empowering thoughts in your mind, but doing something about it is the other side of that coin.

More importantly, taking action will help those thoughts of prosperity grow even more. So when you start executing that vision based on your abundant thoughts, it creates a positive feedback loop that feeds on itself.

This is why it’s important to match every abundant thought with concrete action. This will REINFORCE the belief that gave birth to it in the first place.

Once you’ve set this cycle in motion, you can keep feeding it until it creates a ripple effect in your life. And even the smallest steps will ADD up and multiply exponentially.

Don’t ignore the little things you can do every day to support your mindset of prosperity.

Savor the small moments where you get to enjoy life’s abundance, then channel that positive energy into action.

Do the job that you have with passion and dedication, even if you’re thinking of resigning. Have brief but meaningful conversations with people, like the barista at your favorite coffee shop or even that co-worker you haven’t been that friendly with.

Looking at the bigger scheme of things, your positive actions put a particular kind of energy into the world.

And that energy will find its way back to you so you can keep doing the same thing, but on a bigger scale.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

In my experience, the BIGGEST challenge of getting into this positive cycle…

… is breaking out of a destructive one first.

That’s what I struggled with for the longest time in my life.

I know what’s like to get caught in a vortex of negative thinking and harmful actions. Abundance was the farthest thing on my mind.

The irony was that I was supposed to be this successful person with the perfect job and the ideal partner. That’s what everyone saw when they looked at me, at least.

What I felt inside was another story. I was trapped in the life that I made and burned out from having to put up appearances.

It all changed, however, when I took a different approach to The Law of Attraction.

I tried it a few times before, but couldn’t quite manifest the kind of abundance I wanted.

I was getting frustrated with getting limited results…

…until I discovered a small but powerful shift that made ALL the difference.

Watch this now to learn more!

This Common Mistake is Costing You Money

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If so, have you TESTED those download pages? Odds are it never even occurred to you. But why not? You test everything else, so why not test your download pages, too?“Wait, I don’t sell anything on my download page, so why would I test it?”

Oh-oh, let’s back up.

Any virtual real estate you have – including download pages – can be selling something for you. In fact, download pages can be the PERFECT place for promotion because your customer just made a purchase. This means they’re already in a buying mood. And who buys products? BUYERS do. If you’re not promoting something on your download pages, you are missing out on what might be thousands of dollars of revenue a month, depending on how much traffic those pages get.

So how do you best promote a product on your download page? Forget flashy banners and things that look like ads. Simple is better, which is why adding a link to your list of download links will usually give you the best results. For example, if your down load page has a list of videos, at the end of the list you will place a link in the same font and the same color offering them their customer discount on the product you’re promoting.

But don’t take my word for it – test it out for yourself.

When they click this link they are lead to a slightly altered version of your regular sales page. At the top of the page is a line or two letting them know that because of their purchase, they are entitled to a special discount on this product today.

Of course, you’ll want to remember to give them that discount, too.

So what should you test on your download page? The links you use, the placement of links and the pages you send them to. Remember to promote a product that is in some way directly related to the one they bought for best results.

Making this one simple change can potentially add thousands of dollars to your bottom line each and every year. Now that’s a great return on the investment of your time.

How To Attract Abundance and Prosperity

By Guest Blogger Heather Matthews

Life may be full of struggle and challenges. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can transform your life by simply changing your mindset.


Well, the answer is simple. Start with a positive mindset. Noted that this is easier said than done; however, the benefits are really worth it.

Attracting abundance and prosperity is like a muscle you need to train regularly in order to see results in terms of strength and appearance. So, what are some concrete steps you can undertake to manifest more abundance and prosperity in your life?

  1. Show Gratitude

Focusing on what you already have will create a positive domino-effect in your life. Start simply by making a list of 3 to 5 things you are grateful for on a daily basis. See your mind frame changing as you do this.

The power of gratitude is something to be reckoned with. You might wonder why. The answer is deeply rooted in the power of the Law of Attraction which allows you to manifest that which you focus on the most. In other words, the more time you spend focusing on the abundance that you already have in your life, the more abundance will come into it.

  1. Convince Yourself of Your Worth

One of the biggest obstacles to prosperity and abundance in our lives is not the lack of money, or the ever-coming challenges, or even constant failures, but rather your reaction to these events in your life. Do you truly, deeply believe that whatever happened was because you were not good enough? Smart enough? Courageous enough? Or even lucky enough?

As long as you think of yourself in terms of failure, that is all you will attract. Therefore, the first step to allowing abundance to come into your life is by changing how you view yourself. Yes, you heard it right. You need to do some reflection into your own being. You need to believe that you are worth of every single abundance that life can bestow upon you.

If you fail to believe in yourself, how can you expect others to do so? How can you expect the universe to deliver all the goods you can have if you believe you are not worthy of them? Well, this brings us to the next point.

  1. Banish Fear of Success

The key to attracting abundance in any form is eliminating the fear factor. Having doubts and fearing the possible success will for sure ruin your chances of having more money, the love of your life, and all the other good things.

Instead of hindering your chances of success by doubting yourself (and thus, attracting more negative events into it), you can do the exact opposite. Namely, you can use the tools at your disposal to create a different life for you – one filled with everything you desire and deserve.

Do not fear the level of success that you can attain in your life. Instead, welcome it with your open arms.

You can do a quick exercise to help you with this. Think of the goal you want to attain and keep thinking about it for the next few minutes. Now, I want you to give your best and try to imagine how it feels to have achieved that goal. Focus on that feeling for the next few minutes. It felt good, didn’t it?

Every time that seed of doubt is trying to enter your mind, create a wall that will bounce it back by remembering this feeling of goal achievement. Do this exercise a couple of times until you get the hang of it. In the end, you will see that your mindset will only vibrate on a positive note which will help you create the abundance you want.

  1. Like Attracts Like – Remember the Law of Attraction

As one of the basic premises of the Law of Attraction, ‘like attracts like’ could be the most important one to keep in mind. You create your future with every single thought you have on your mind, and it does not matter if it is conscious or subconscious.

The Law of Attraction does not have a limit as it creates numerous possibilities, ways of abundance and happiness. No matter how difficult or unattainable your goal might seem to be, it will not stand in the way of the Law of Attraction. So, it is truly up to you to transform your life. Do you want more abundance and prosperity? The roadmap to all of it is already on your mind. You are the captain of your own fate, so why not make it filled with abundance and prosperity.

By the way, if you want to learn how to use the law of attraction to its fullest potential… Click Here

Old School Method Gets Boatloads of Recurring Payments

Let’s say you run across an affiliate program for a product with recurring payments, such as a membership site or software. Because it’s recurring payments, you sell it once and you get paid over and over again, for months or possibly even years. Everything else being equal, these are always the best types of products to promote because the income just keeps coming and coming.

Naturally you want to make as many sales of these as possible, so the question becomes: Other than your usual methods of promotion, how can you get more subscribers to this affiliate program?

Try an old school method that still works – creating a viral report.

In the report, teach how to do whatever it is that the product does. Teach the method in detail, step-by-step. Leave nothing out. Then at the end, let the reader know that they don’t have to do any of what you just said. Instead, they can get the same results a whole lot faster and easier by subscribing to the affiliate program.

Simple, right? First you show how complicated it is to do it by hand. Then you give them an easy way to get the same result – by subscribing. And you give your affiliate link.

And by the way, this is the ONLY affiliate link you put in the entire report.

Now then, here are few tips to make this work:

– Create a report good enough to sell. This should be high quality.

– Make the report short enough that readers can easily finish it in one sitting. You want every reader to reach the end so they see the affiliate link.

– Whenever possible, focus on telling your reader what to do, but not how to do it. This way they’re more likely to take the easy way out and subscribe to your affiliate program, rather than figure out details for themselves.

– Give your report an absolutely KILLER title that makes people want to read it and share it.

– Leave your name off of your report. This will encourage others to share it with their lists.

– Give anyone and everyone who has the report the right to distribute the report exactly as it is with no alterations. They can use it as a bonus, as a list building incentive and so forth.

– If you’re written a sales page for the report, let others use the sales page and put their own name on it. Yes, they can absolutely charge for the report if they like, so long as they leave your affiliate link in place.

The idea is to get as many people as possible sharing your report. The more your report is distributed around the net, the more chances you have to make sales.

This is a very old school method that can still be quite effective if you follow these steps. And of course you can repeat this method as many times as you like.

Imagine if you have a dozen of these reports, each with an affiliate link to a recurring payment program. You let other marketers give your reports away as bonuses and whatnot. And you let marketers sell them and keep all the profits.

Thousands upon thousands of copies can be distributed using these methods. And even if only 1 out of 100 who get the report subscribe for a few months to your programs, you’ll still make out like a bandit.

Visualization Is Key

By Guest Blogger Heather Matthews

The Law of Attraction is based on your thoughts, your vibes, what you send out to the Universe. In order for you to manifest your desires, you need a clear vision of what you want.

It cannot be a muddy version of your wants, but a clear picture of it. It has to be a strong picture in your head so that there are no confusing signals sent out into the Universe. Don’t leave room for misinterpretation.

Your goals need to be as well-defined as they can be.

In order for you to achieve this level of clarity, there are a number of exercises you can try. One of those is by making a vision board.


A vision board is a physical representation of all that you desire—wealth, health, career, love, etc.

It is literally made from a large cardboard or cork board that has pictures of the things you want to manifest in your life.


It can be comprised of pictures of the kind of family you want, the number of kids, your dream house, pets, also photos of the kind of worker/boss you want to be, someone in a power suit perhaps, or someone laid back.

Don’t limit yourself to pictures of people and things as you can also include motivational quotes, words, sentences that mean something to you.

As we have discussed in a previous blog post (The Power of Words), words have a certain power and influence over us. These words also need to be visualized so that we have a stronger affinity over their meaning.

In addition to this, you can also include timelines, like a specific date by which you want to achieve something.


The purpose of your vision board is to help you keep a clear picture in your head of what you want in your life. This will help attract those things to you.

When you have already created your vision board, put it somewhere prominent in your house. Put it in a place where you pass every day or where you spend a great deal of time in. Keeping it in sight should be your first priority.

When you are looking at your board, it should generate a feeling of excitement in you. Sometimes we never really know how much we want something until we see it in front of us, literally.

The next thing you need to visualize is how you’re going to achieve your goals. What are the steps that you can take to get to where you want.

After that, visualize yourself already there.

For example, you have your dream house on your board. You’ll think about how you’re going to be able to afford it, then visualize yourself at the bank, preparing to buy the property, visualize yourself getting handed the key by your realtor, visualize yourself walking down the path to your front door, etc.

Your vision board is a means of getting you excited and focused on your goals, to get you to concentrate on achieving them and ultimately getting there and manifesting your desires.

4 Ways to Make the Law of Attraction Work in Your Career

By Guest Blogger Heather Matthews

One of the top reasons why people turn to the Law of Attraction is so that they can improve their career standing.

Whether they’re looking for a job opportunity, a promotion, or just looking to improve their situation with colleagues or their boss—the Law of Attraction can work wonders.

Here are a few things you can practice to make it work for you.

#1. Recite Affirmations

Words have a certain power over people. Certain words can serve as triggers for a happy day while some can be debilitating.

It’s important that you find out which words work positivity in your life.

These are your affirmations.

They can be anything from physical reassurances such as “I am beautiful”, to more soulful affirmations, “I am worthy”, “I deserve the best”, “I am enough”.

While these may seem like a silly thing to do, don’t underestimate the influence words have on you.
They have the power to uplift you or to bring you down.

#2. Visualize

One of the key ingredients in making the Law of Attraction work for you is being able to clearly visualize your goals, either short term or long term.

For the purposes of work performance, it’s good to have a firm grasp of what you expect to accomplish on a daily basis so that you don’t feel overwhelmed and panicky.

Try to get up earlier than you have to every morning and reserve a few minutes to zen out.

Waking up in a calm state, not in a rush to get the day started, will contribute greatly to how you will handle your day.

Take 10 minutes to just meditate and visualize the goals you have for the day, the tasks you need to get done, and the manner by which you want to do them.

When you can see yourself accomplishing these goals, it will be easier for you to actually do them with confidence.

#3. Avoid Negativity

The fastest way to get you in a huff is to associate with negative vibes—in your head, in other people and in situations.

You know that officemate of yours that always annoys you? If you don’t have to deal with him directly, don’t.

That rude barista where you get your coffee? If he’s on duty, go to a different coffee shop.

There are a number of ways you can rid yourself of negativity, and if you can’t remove the people per se, then remove yourself from the situation.

Although you sometimes can’t avoid running into mishaps, what you can do is to fight it with a positive attitude.

That’s why it’s important that you’re able to tap into an inner well of peace so that when uncontrollable scenarios pop up, you’re able to handle it well.

Learn to tune out the voices in your head that only make you doubt yourself. It will serve no greater purpose for you to listen to them.

#4. Chronicle your day

Think of this exercise as a compilation of all of the things above. Here, write your goals, your dreams, what you want in life.

If you can, sketch out your visualizations, create a vision board of sorts, map out your plan.

Write words of affirmation, write down anything that you’ve heard or seen that struck something in you in a positive way be it quotes, lyrics to a song, or a funny pun.

If it makes you feel good, write it down.

It would also be good for you to write down your experiences for the day. Your writing doesn’t have to be eloquent or witty. Remember, this is for you, not for others to read.

Describe your day, what you felt, write down situations that made you happy or sad. This is a good way to process your feelings and to identify solutions for problems or problem areas.

Keep in mind that this journal is to bring out the best in you and to remind you that you can do it!

Which of These are Good Reasons NOT to Launch Your Product?

Are there really any good reasons NOT to launch your amazing new product? Take this quiz to find out so you don’t make the same critical mistakes that have destroyed many other businesses and entrepreneurs from the word GO…

Ok, check all that apply:

1. __ Another marketer has just launched a product very similar to yours, and if you launch your product now, you’ll look like a copycat.

2. __ You just got word that another launch for a similar product bombed in a very big way – almost no one bought it. You’ll look like an idiot if you launch your product.

3. __ A big guru in your niche just started the launch process of a very similar product. His first video is out, and once he releases the fourth video everyone on the planet will be promoting his product.

4. __ There are already several free versions of products quite similar to yours – thus there is no reason anyone would buy your product when they can get the same info for free.

Did you pick which scenarios should stop you from launching your product right now?

Okay, let’s see how you did.


1. This happens more often than you think. And yes, product creators do pull their product launch when they see someone else has just launched something similar. And you know what? Those product creators are fools. Here’s a true story to illustrate why:

Recently a popular marketer was just about to launch a product he’d worked on for a long time. He had everything in place to launch – all he had to do was press the button to send out the first email.

But someone else launched a VERY similar product that was selling like gangbusters. So he decided not to launch. Which made him sad. So late that night, when he was feeling down, he said, “Screw it!” and hit the launch button. $61,000 in profits later, he was very, VERY happy he had launched his look alike product.

Do not worry about what others are selling. If you’ve done your research into what your customers want, you WILL make sales. And sometimes you’ll make those sales to the exact same people who bought your competitor’s product, too! Don’t wait, don’t hesitate – launch your product.

2. If their product didn’t sell, yours won’t either, right? Wrong. You’ve done your research and you know what your customers want. Your customers trust you. They like you. They buy your stuff.

So of course you’re going to launch your product, because whatever that other marketer did or did not have going on does not affect you. And neither do rumors, so don’t pay any attention to them. Stop second guessing yourself and launch your product.

3. Oh no, you can’t compete with the “big cheese,” can you? Who says you have to? Your customers are YOUR customers. Your affiliates are YOUR affiliates. It’s common for similar products to hit the market at nearly the same time and have both do well. So don’t worry about it. Just launch your product.

Have you noticed a pattern yet? I hope so. Okay, onto the last one…

4. What is the perceived value of “free?” Low. Very low. In fact, no free product can compete with your paid product, because as everyone believes, they get what they pay for. That’s why free is never your competition. So launch your product. Now.

In fact, the only real competition you ever have is in your mind. So don’t worry about who is launching what or when they are launching. In fact, stop reading your emails when you’re in product creation mode and just focus on your task – creating the content and products your customers want. Everything else will take care of itself.

How to Keep Your Surroundings Positive

By Guest Blogger Heather Matthews

In order for the Law of Attraction to work in your favor, you need to reach and maintain a very positive environment everywhere you go.

Most people believe that a positive environment is largely a state of mind, and that is quite true. But you can’t reach a state of mind that’s clutter-free if your immediate surrounding is not.

It’s hard to organize your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs if the things you see in front of you are out of order.

This is the same reason why you find it hard to concentrate on the work at hand when you see your desk stacked with papers, or your room is littered with clothes, or you find it hard to cook when your ingredients are not neatly arranged on your countertop.

You need to visualize order to be able to get in the right state of mind and create order in other areas in your life.

Here are a few ways that can help you do that.

#1. Remove Clutter

In your home, it’s easy for the mess to pile up. Letters, bills, flyers, calling cards, etc. all contribute to the seemingly endless supply of junk.

Organize your desk in such a way as you only have to deal with the immediate things. The rest of them can go straight to the trash.

When you keep unnecessary things around you, you send the universe the message that you have no space for the ones that you actually want to have in your life. Creating space for the things you want to manifest in your life will have a huge effect in terms of getting them.

#2. Choose Color Wisely

Color affects your mood especially dark and neutral colors. Carpets, walls, wall papers, curtains – common household items that eat a big portion of your space send visual messages.

These hues attract a more melancholic vibe that disrupts the positive flow of attraction.

Choosing a brighter color like yellow let you associate it with the warmth of the sun, thus giving you a lighter mood that will give you a positive mind.

#3. Take Away Negative Reminders

In our life, we meet so many people and we accumulate so many things. A lot of those we meet and those who leave an impact in our lives leave remembrances in the form of an old shirt, photos, ticket stubs and other small things.

Most of the time we hold on to them for sentimental reasons. They serve as reminders of things past. But not all reminders are pleasant.

We must remember to purge ourselves of those that only serve to remind us of negative feelings or memories.

Our thoughts need to be reprogrammed to receive more positive notes, and in order to do that, we need to throw away the mental notes of painful things.

#4. Visualize Change

Since we have been talking about the effects of what we see around us, and what we need to remove or replace, we should also note the things that we need to see constantly.

When you visualize the changes that you want to make, it makes a big impact on your psyche. The more you can see yourself changing, the more you’re actually more susceptible to making these changes come true.

You need to imagine what you want to happen, what you want to manifest. It also helps to have a vision board.

When you do your visualization, be as detailed as possible. The details will make up the big picture, and the finer the specifics, the easier it is to believe that you will actually get what you’re longing for, just the way you envisioned them.

Make Your Offer Irresistible

The competition for your prospect’s attention is at an all-time high. Simultaneously, the time they have to pay attention to your message is at an all-time low. Combined, these two things make selling harder than ever, which presents its own opportunity…

Make it so easy for your customer to say yes, they practically don’t even have to think about it. How? By making them an offer they cannot refuse. (Cue music from the Godfather.)

Imagine two side-by-side offers. Both are selling programs on how to become an effective public speaker. Both are quite excellent – the prospect would do well to buy either one.

One program sells for $997, or 3 payments of $340. The other program says, “We are so confident you will love this program, we will ship it to you for the mere cost of postage. You pay NOTHING beyond shipping for a full 30 days. If, for any reason, you decide not to keep it, simply send it back and we will not charge you. But we’re confident you will never want to part with it, because it’s that good.”

Which program would you choose – the one where you pay $997 or $340 upfront? Or the one where you pay $12 for shipping and get to try it out before you decide? It’s a no brainer offer.

And you can do this with digital delivery as well. Charge your customers $1 today and the full price or the first payment in 30 days. Let them know you will send them an email 3 days prior to charging their card. Give them two ways to stop payment before it happens. And watch the sales roll in. Yes, a few people will cancel, but most won’t (if your product is solid). And you’ll make far more sales than you would by asking for all the money up front.

Positioned correctly, this technique can convey more confidence in your product than almost anything else. You are essentially saying to your customer that you will prove to them beyond a shadow of doubt just how good your product is, or they don’t pay anything. Now who can refuse an offer like that?

5 Ways to Ensure the Universe is Listening

By Guest Blogger Heather Matthews

Sometimes we feel as if nobody hears us when we’re sending out our thoughts out there.

We send out our innermost desires and wish on stars and project them out to the void, hoping we would receive them by a deadline.

When we don’t get the response we’re hoping for, we get disheartened, discouraged. It’s at this point we begin to question ourselves, what we want, and what life has in store for us.

We feel as if the Universe isn’t responding to what we are communicating, we get frustrated that the Law of Attraction is not working for us.

Here are a few reminders to punctuate our intentions when we send them out to the Universe.

#1. Be Clear

Just as when you talk to your friends, colleagues, or subordinates, when you give instructions, you need to be clear what it is you want to happen.

If your message isn’t clear, your method of communicating won’t be effective, then the response to your request will most definitely be unsatisfactory.

#2. Release

Learn that when you send up your intentions, that it might take some time for it to materialize. Don’t wait around for it to show up right in front of you.

Tell the universe your desires and forget about them. There’s no use waiting for the universe to reply with a definite answer or to shine a light on the path you take to get to where you want to be.

Be pleasantly reminded when your innermost desire just suddenly surprises you out of the blue saying “It took some time, but I’m here!”

#3. Be Consistent

Like mentioned earlier, when you have a message, you want to deliver it the right way in order to also have it done correctly.

The manner by which you send it out will be a factor on how it comes back to you.

You have to also be aware of how you behave after you send out your message. For example, you tell the universe you’re ready for a serious relationship but you keep playing the field and telling your friends that you’re just doing this for the moment.

This will mess with the signals you’re sending the universe. Let your actions speak of your desires.

#4. Be Keen

Sometimes the universe send us signs or it directs us to the path where we will find what we want, but we’re too busy looking for the signals that we’ll recognize right away that we ignore the ones that are actually there.

Be aware of your surroundings, of opportunities, of changes around you. Sometimes when we feel that we haven’t been given what we want, it’s actually because we weren’t reading the signs right or the right signs.

#5. Be Grateful

Whatever situation it is you find yourself in, be thankful.

When you lessen your complaints to the universe, the more space it has to produce your wishes.

Always live the life that you want. What you channel will ultimately be the life you live.

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