THE HIDDEN SECRET in Think and Grow Rich!

THE HIDDEN SECRET in Think and Grow Rich!

By Guided Mind

In think and grow rich, Napoleon Hill eludes to “a secret which is mentioned in every chapter” but never outright highlighted…

He says that when you discover this secret, hidden in every chapter of the book, it will click within your brain and life will never be the same…

Well… I’ve cracked THIS HIDDEN SECRET in Think and Grow Rich!

My theory:

That we all believe the secret to be something different from each other (because we are all different from each other in personality types, life experience, skills, learning style preferences etc). That each person doesn’t just believe it, but KNOWS their theory to be true 🙂

It’s like knowing something to be true, and when you know something is true you don’t actually question it, it’s a deep belief.

Now, this got me thinking… are we ALL wrong? On the one hand, we must be as the answers and theories are so different…

.. but no, that’s not it!

The Actual Secret… The Answer is that…

The secret is whatever YOU think it is!

The real secret to Think and Grow Rich… “the secret which is mentioned in every chapter” but never specifically highlighted.. is that there is not just ONE single secret

So the truth is we are all CORRECT!

Look at like this – there CAN’T be just one secret, because we are all so different:

  • If the secret was just Organized Planning then this would be fine for math brained people, but might not be ideal for language brained people.
  • If the secret was simply Desire then this might be great for extroverts, but introverts might be more suited to focus on Faith or Auto Suggestion.

Obviously, there are hugely successful people/multimillionaires, some of which are math brained, some language brained, some introverts, some extroverts.

  • So there just CAN’T be one single secret
  • as it wouldn’t suit everyone
  • And clearly, ANYONE can take a path to success, regardless of their personality/character type / skill-sets.

So if there is no secret… now what?

This is actually good news! 🙂

I spent years re-reading Think and Grow Rich, looking for the secret, thinking about it, meditating on it, I applied all of the different strategies from the book. I have had a lot of success using the principles of Think and Grow Rich, but then again so have my friends and business colleagues, but they used the principles in a different way from me

My life changed, for the better, forever.. but I always felt like I was missing out because I wasn’t 100% sure what the secret was, I kept thinking I knew, but then I would focus on another principle and changed my mind. As I grew as a person, so did my understanding of the secrets in this book, and no doubt they will keep changing as I develop. That is what is so beautiful about the book. When you read it for the first time and put the principles into action, you will be led down a path, and then you come to a fork in the path, and re-reading the book puts you on your second ‘right path’, and on it goes, so you never stop learning from it.

Think and Grow Rich actually grows with you as you grow

The reason that this is good news is that all you need to do now is focus more on YOUR secret technique.

The truth is that ALL of the chapters/techniques in Think and Grow Rich are immensely powerful, they are techniques or ways of thinking which are used by the super-rich and successful people in life.

If you follow ANY of them, if you really make a change in your life to focus on just 1-2 of the principles (while still utilizing in a simple way the others) then I guarantee your life will change forever.

  • Just imagine if you never really plan anything, if your life is chaos and you don’t actually know exactly what you want. Just imagine how different life will be if you set a big goal, break it down into little goals, monthly goals, daily goals… if you get organized and plan things out.. just imagine how that would transform your life.
  • Just imagine if you don’t really believe in yourself, or believe that huge success is possible for you.. just imagine if you focus on Faith and Self Belief, add in some Auto Suggestion – and naturally you start to believe in yourself.. just imagine how fired up you would be, how your motivation and drive would change and how you would go after your goals and desires like never before.
  • Just imagine if persistence is a struggle for you – if you turn away from rejection and setbacks.. just imagine if you set Persistence as “your secret” to focus on, how if you challenge yourself to push through mini failures, setbacks and rejection at all costs – imagine how much further you could go with this real, driven, obsessive entrepreneurial mindset.

These are just 3 examples which highlight how you can take one of the principles from Think and Grow Rich, focus on it, adopt it as “your secret” and literally transform your life and reach unbelievable levels of success (and wealth!).

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