What To Do When Your Intentions Won’t Manifest

What To Do When Your Intentions Won’t Manifest

By Guest Blogger Heather Matthews

Every morning we wake up with a lot of expectations.

Life gifts us with 86,400 seconds for the whole day telling us that we are free to spend all of it in the way we want. So, we start moving with a lot of expectations and zeal.

We are happy when we see our intentions becoming a reality. Quite often this does not happen. Many things in life go against our wishes.

Quite a lot of our expectations fail. Disappointments and failures strike us like a thunderbolt. Such experiences can leave us bewildered in a state of despair and helplessness. This is a common experience of every human on this earth and hence becomes a topic of vital importance to enhance the productivity and satisfaction in our lives.

Life is unpredictable

Life and the situations around us are unpredictable. You cannot dictate what life must bring you. Often when things do not happen as per your expectations, you might find success evading you. Hopes will start falling, and you will wonder which door to tap next. Here we discuss what to do when your intentions won’t manifest.

Accept the reality

When your intentions won’t manifest in reality, you must first accept the fact that life can go against your expectations. In reality, it is impossible to realize all of our dreams, wishes, and intentions in the same way as we visualize them.

Accepting the truth is the key to avoid disappointments, heartbreaks, and dejections. Once you do this, you can free yourself from the crippling state of mind to move forward and work with the challenge in front of you.

Take inspiration

Disappointments and failures are not unique to your life and situations. Many people have lived life before you. They all have suffered similar experiences during their growth and development.

If you have to invent the wheel right from scratch, we can never develop big things in technology today. Human life builds up itself on the experiences of millions of humans through successive generations.

Learn from other people’s lives and experiences. Take inspiration from your role models, mentors, and motivators. This can help alleviate the dejection you face and develop a comfortable amount of self-confidence to propel your journey forward.

Study the situation thoroughly

Once you have consoled and comforted yourself and healed the injuries you suffered, the actual mission of working with the challenge in front of you starts. List out what went wrong in your life. Take one situation at a time and study it thoroughly. Identify the causes that had failed the situation and learn from the knowledge you gained out of it.

Find the remedy

Do thorough research by studying similar experiments and situations in life. Learn what strategies worked well for them eventually. List out the remedies you will implement for bettering the situation and analyze what can go wrong while applying it. Take all the precautions and safety measures to be successful this time as much as possible.

Explore the alternatives

There is no single answer to a given problem or situation. While working with the different options, you will learn a great deal about the real nature of the problem and develop clear insight into some options that can work better in your case. This knowledge and awareness can equip you with a set of tools to try and let you stay more equipped.

Prioritize your strategies

Once you have gathered enough information about the problem and the set of strategies you can try, you must then make more in-depth and broader research to prioritize your plan. Most times, success ensues from smart work and not just hard work. Hence you must prioritize your strategy in light of your learning.

Put the strategies to the test

Testing is the key to learn what will work and what will not. It is also the single window to discover the effectiveness of a given strategy. Hence you must put the chosen strategy to the test and check which is the most effective and successful one among them. Evaluate the test results and record your learning for the right kind of implementation.

Be flexible

Not being flexible can let you miss a lot of chances in life. While opportunities can tap your doors, they also bring in some expectations. Being flexible enough to fulfill what is expected of you is necessary to bag the right kind of opportunities as they come to you.

Learn to be flexible as much as the situation demands. When you can meet what the situation expects from you, you become the prime candidate for the opportunity in front of you. Flexibility enhances your real worth and demand.

Adapt to the change

Life is always changing around you be it people, situations, career, knowledge or relationships. Hence it is necessary on the part of every human on this earth to adapt to the change. This can be done in the first place by learning and staying abreast of the developments.

When things are in a constant state of flux and development, only the latest strategies can work positive results. Hence adapting to the changes around you is the key to stay successful in real time and not to get outdated during any point in time.

Learn, learn and learn

You die when you stop learning. Learning starts right at the moment when the child starts breathing inside the womb and continues till the last breath of the individual. Learning is necessary to flow with life and changes around you.

Benefit from every opportunity to learn. Do not waste time and effort on wasteful things in life. Always devote a considerable part of your lie for learning. Learning lets your energies, capabilities, and performance mature. Learning equips you with extensive knowledge to find the right remedies and put them to work while confronting challenges.

Stay motivated

Motivation keeps you young. Motivation always comes from within while there can be a lot of external factors that can strengthen it further. Develop an interest in life. When you are eager to live, perform and achieve, you stay motivated.

When you keep the embers of your motivation live and glowing, they can continue to ignite your performance and enthusiasm.

Keep the company of inspiring people and stay away from those who will demotivate you. Get inspired by good examples in life and explore the ways to make some positive difference around you through your unique contribution.

When you contribute something interesting and useful to the world, the world will want more from you. When you discover you are wanted, your interest, participation, and motivation grow further.

Summing up

Failures and successes are parts and parcels of the bundle of experiences life brings. you.

While successes encourage and reward you, failures educate and refine you. Hence you must welcome every experience you come across in life with equal enthusiasm.

Focusing on success alone and failing to learn from life makes you stagnant and unchanging. This is equal to failure in the long run.

It is always exciting to work with challenges, and when you give your best and stay prepared to face the worst, nothing on the earth has the power to put you down.

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