Why Changing Your Work Environment Can Boost Your Performance

Why Changing Your Work Environment Can Boost Your Performance

By Guest Blogger Heather Matthews

One of the factors in choosing your job is also the work environment that it espouses. It’s not just the people you’re working with, there are a lot of other factors that you don’t even realize contribute to your success and can boost your performance at work.

Of course you don’t really get a say in where your office is located or how your office is designed, (except if you’re part of the core team that set it up), but it’s important that you find it conducive to the kind of work you’ll be doing.

For example, the commute to work should ideally be stress-free, so you choose a job that’s close to home if you can.

The fact remains that there are considerations to be taken when deciding where to work.

And sometimes, when we’ve stayed so long somewhere, we get restless. We think about changing careers, changing departments, or whatever else we feel like mixing up.

We crave for something different and something that gets us out of the slump we’re in at that moment.

Here are some reasons why we should change our work environment from time to time:


Inspiration is everywhere! It’s on walls, streets, magazines, billboards, etc. But when you’re cooped up in your little cubicle, staring at four walls all day for at least 8 hours, you rarely get that ‘Eureka!’ moment.

This is especially true for artists and those who need a lot of new ideas to come to them. If you’re looking at the same thing day in and day out, how will you find something new or look at things from a different angle?

So if your work permits it, go out every lunch time. Walk around the neighborhood, walk in cafes, restaurants, talk to strangers, engage them in interesting conversations. You never know what lightning will hit you.


A lot of people spend all their time in the office sitting down. This could really harm your health. Which is why companies have also started to encourage the use of standing desks, the emergence of gyms in the building, etc.

Exercise helps jog your memory and to relax your mind. It stimulates thoughts and lures them out of the messiness in your head.

If your office offers a gym membership or builds a gym inside your premises, take advantage of it. You need it not just for your health, but also to clear your mind while you’re doing it.

This is also the effect of walking around the block and eating your lunch elsewhere. It allows you the chance to exercise and get your other senses working

Productive noise

In the office, it’s not usually quiet. There are all sorts of chatter and ambient sounds. These things, though can be annoying and veers our focus, also help to keep it most of the time.

But when we hear the same things over and over again, we build a tolerance to it. We become accustomed to it that it no longer affects us positively the way it should.

Working outside the office, like in a coffee shop, helps put productive noise back on track. It gives you the kind of noise that allows you to focus on what you’re doing.

And when it’s time to take a break, it’s also nice to be able to hear different kinds of conversations, the whirring of a blender rather than the photocopier, the shouting of the barista rather than your supervisor, and the excitement of a new romance rather than gossip in the break room.

Change is good. You should try it sometimes.

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